Can't find a car

I’m a new driver so i want a crossover type of car it has to be able to fit four tennagers in it plus cargo it would like it to be yellow with cloth seats and i can’t seem to find one that fits my needs any suggestions???

Any thing you get will be a lemon. Seriously, if teens are what you mean, it won’t be a car in the traditional sense, but an SUV or a van. I don’t know how yellow and cloth seats prioritize transporting teens safely with all the cargo it entails. I would think some compromise is in order.

The Time To Think About Buying The Car Of Your Dreams Has Come And Gone, But Will Come Again. That Time Was The Time Prior To Teenagers And Will Be The Time After The Teenagers.

If they don’t have what you’re looking for at the many car dealers then I think it’s probably not available.


If I recall correctly, the only yellow vehicle that I have seen lately (aside from taxicabs) is the Mini. Clearly, that does not fulfill your other requirements.

However, there may be some other vehicles lurking out there that are available with yellow paint. If you don’t want to spend the time surfing the websites for the various manufacturers, then I would suggest that you place phone calls to the car dealers in your area to inquire which of their models are available with a yellow exterior and cloth seats. You might luck out…or you may have to compromise on some of your stated requirements.

You need to buy a Consumer Reports car buying guide, check out the various CUVs, and find one closest to what you like. As others have said, yellow is extremely rare, it may be time to pick another color.

I’ve seen a Cavalier and a Lancer in yellow riding around my town.

Now that you mention it, I do recall seeing a Cavalier (or, more likely a Cobalt) that was yellow. As to Lancers, I don’t think that I have seen any Lancers for quite some time, despite the fact that my area tends to have a lot of imported cars. Mitsubishi sales must have really tanked a while back.

But, regardless–neither of these cars is really a good choice for carrying four tennagers (or even four teenagers) plus cargo.

Very few cars are available from the factory with yellow paint. You will probably do best to find one in white and take it to Maaco or a similar outfit and have it painted yellow. Maaco will do a fairly decent job for $500-1000, maybe cheaper if you prep and mask it yourself.

The Nissan Xterra used to be available yellow. Find a nice used one.

Look for a 63 or so FORD van with the 200 or 240 six in it. Jack it up real high in the back and paint it all yellow, people will remember you with this van, you can do as you please with interior

Nissan Xterras used to be available in yellow, but they are far from ideal. They are truck based body-on-frame SUVs, so they are great for towing and the off-road. On-road, they don’t handle as well as a car and get worse gas mileage. If you’re a new driver, don’t start out with one of these.

A minivan with an aftermarket paint job would be the best bet.