Canadians DO know their History!

Even though this weeks show (Jan 5/07) was an encore, I must have missed the original airing. Mindy with the Mazda valve problem let her hair color prove that the theory once again. O Canada was used from the early 1900’s even though God Save the Queen was the Official anthem. After Canada introduced the Maple Leaf flag in 1965, the Parliament introduced a bill to make O Canada the National Anthem in 1967, however, it became official finally in 1980.

So, Mindy, speak for yourself and remain blissfully dumb and blonde!

At least you have a National Anthem that can actually be sung by humans.

Ours in the country South of Canada can be sung by humans if they would only try to do it right. I keep the TV muted until kickoff.

I don’t know, there are not many folks who can actually hit all the notes in the southern canadian National Anthem.

The US national anthem was set to a tune that many sang at the time - a Brit drinking song. It was easier to remember that way. Does that mean we should get a snoot full before we sing it? :^)

That might help the quality of the singing. Maybe they sound sing it at the end of the football games when everyone is already smashed.