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Can you reference which show this ocurred on?

Tom once eloquently stated his theory on why his wife was able to find things when he couldn’t. It was to the effect that a man tends to seek at the spots they only deem logical and women don’t have the tendency to assume that the lost item has been placed anywhere logically and allows them to search everywhere. (I swear I looked for it in the car twice before she found it in there this morning) [I’m dumb not lazy (on this occasion) I swear but could use a source for supporting this theory]

Women are more inclined to do Lateral Thinking, which means casting a wider scope to look for things and considering all possibilities. It’s sometimes called Intuition.

In police work, dedicated female detectives have proven very capable of finding clues and tracking down the villains

Men are more linear in their approach. That does not necessarily mean “rigid”, but in certain situations linear thinking is a disadvantage!

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I don’t know about that, but it might be similar to the idea that women can find things close by and men are better at finding distant things. Many women, my wife included, can’t follow simple directions to drive somewhere. If I can’t find things around the house, I ask her and soon she has it in her hand. The person discussing this thought it might be hard wired. Traditionally men did the hunting and women took care of the home. I don’t know if this is true, but my experience seems to back it up.

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The hunter/gathering approach was based on brute strength to hunt down animals and kill them. Men were more fit for this. Now that hunting is very limited and brute strength is hardly needed for anything women ae qualified for nearly all positons.

Our local fire department was on a recruiting drive and a physical test for dragging a heavy fire hose was one of the qualifications. A female applicant failed this test and raised a ruckus charging “discrimination”. Discrimination it was; against anyone who could not pass the test, including some male applicants!

I was refused into the air force Air Crew training plan because my reactions were slow and I blacked out easily! They did offer me a desk job though!.

Sounds like my father. He was stationed at the Honolulu Naval Hospital after the Pearl Harbor attack. He was an operating room nurse. He had a kidney stone attack and was not allowed to ship out the the South Seas islands. He would have worked in the field operating rooms, but the Navy didn’t want him to occupy a bed that could be used by a wounded soldier. He had a two year vacation in Honolulu and then was shipped stateside.