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Can you name this car?

When I was a kid (late 60’s - early 70’s) my mom bought on old car, I think it was a Cadillac.

The really memorable thing about this car was what I think was very early cruise control. There were a series of buttons 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. It wasn’t for the radio so I’ve always thought it was an early cruise control but I haven’t been able to find any car with a similar feature.

I believe it also have the big chrome bumper with the two big bullets on the front… and I seem to remember vertical tail fins.

I’d appreciate it if could help me identify this car.


The fins definitely puts it in the 50s era, and the twin bullet style chrome bumper is typical GM, regardless of the brand; though, most notably, the 57 Chevy.

like this?:

Sounds like a '58 or '59 era Caddy. Posting a picture would get you a definative answer.

Fins were used through the 1964 model year. I think that 1960 was the last year for bullets.

I Can’t Say For Sure About The Buttons, But Some Cars From The Era Had A Device That Would “Buzz” An Alert When A Predetermined Speed Was Reached, Alerting The Driver To Slow Down. It Was Not Cruise Control.


I agree, probably a mid-50s Caddy. From '52 to '58 there were chrome bullets on the front and fins at the rear. The bullets got smaller each year (none in '59) and the fins got larger culminating in the huge blades of 1960 . I’m not familiar with the button device, but cruise control didn’t come along until years later.