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Can you make a beetle more manly?

My dad has taken over my sisters newer vw beetle. He loves the turbo and the attention he gets on the road but he has left a lot of the decorations in it. Is there a way to make it more manly like instead of daisies in the vase…cigars? Hoping get ideas before the holidays.

Be a man. Chose what YOU want not what you think will make others might. The real man does not worry about what someone else thinks is great. Do what YOU like.

Some cool wheels might do the trick if it is in your budget!

Real men drive a beetle and we dont call it a Bud vase , we call it a shot glass…

Trade it in on a Viper.

Maybe a gun rack in the rear window and one of those 8 foot spring loaded CB radio antennas bolted to the bumper?

Seriously, he should replace any of the interior decorations that don’t suit his style with something that does, and just enjoy the drive. The bud vase for example I imagine holds pencils and pens nicely.

Does dad want to make any changes? Let him figure it out; it’s his car now.

trucknutz? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I’ve read awhile back where some guy drove an old Chevy(57 Bel Air or similar) to the race track every so often and drag raced. His car was pink and lavender and he did tend to catch flack for it, until he left them in his dust.

A “semper fi” and NRA sticker in the rear wind shield?

A set of baby Moons and whitewalls look good on those cars.

Bud vase aside, unless the thing is decked out in Hello Kitty seat covers and floral print floor mats it’s kind of a uni-sex or asexual car to me.

JMO, but I’ve never looked at the New Beetle as an effeminate vehicle. The daisies would go first thing though.

Maybe a window sticker which read, “My other ride is a Kenworth” would remove some of the stigma. :slight_smile:

Have dad grow his hair, paste flowers on the side and crank up the radio playing 70’s war protest songs.
Then tell him to get in touch with his feminine side. If that fails buy him something to smoke that takes his apprehension away about driving the car. A camo paint job might help too. It could at least go unnoticed.

A real man drives whatever he wants to. Really.

I would stick a Ford F-150 Badge on both side fenders, then a lift kit and a winch.

“…buy him something to smoke that takes his apprehension away about driving the car.”

The night before he drives the car, if you please. No driving while impaired.

If you put a gun rack in it, it might be too rear heavy, but you could alway get a set of those longhorn steer horns for the front. That might even out things.

but you could alway get a set of those longhorn steer horns for the front. That might even out things.

Even Boss Hog is downsizing to save money on gas. :smiley:

Well, you could put big chunky tires on it, a brush guard and fog lights out front, mount a shovel on the hood and a gas can on the back and paint it desert camouflage a la Rommel’s WWII Afrika korps.

From what I read about the reliability of the VW Beetle in Consumer Reports, the Beetle as it comes from the factory is a manly vehicle. Real men are always ready to get out of their vehicles and push them out of traffic. Real men use their free time every week-end to fix their cars to get them through another week. Real men have grease under their fingernails from spending time working on their cars to keep them running.
That said, I don’t think I want a manly vehicle. However, I do know a few people with VW Beetles that seem to chug right along without much repair or maintenance, so maybe some add-ons are really necessary for the VW Beetle.

I’d take the flower vases out anyway.