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Can the air conditioner be TURNED OFF? 2013 Lexus RX350

If I turn the fan on low to bring outside air in, the air conditioner turns on if the outside air is warmer than temperature setting.
If I set the temperature higher so no air conditioner, then it heats the air.

Can’t one just get unmolested outside fresh air? Or do I need to install an Air Compressor OFF, switch?
Thank you.

Isn’t there an “economy” mode or an AC on/off button? Otherwise I guess just live with it because the compressor should be exercised from time to time.

Apparently you have lost the manual.

I looked at the dash, don’t see an a/c off switch.

to turn off only the compressor, you go into the climate menu of the nav and there is a button there labeled A/C you have to unclick

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I suspected that it was something that could only be accessed in some sub-menu of the car’s onboard electronics.
I just hope that this type of function is locked-out if the car is moving.
That type of thing should only be accessible when the car is stopped.

@“Robert Gift”

Is there some particular reason WHY you want to turn off the ac compressor . . . ?

Are you trying to save money?

I like fresh air, usually I just roll down the window, it does have working windows I hope.

“I like fresh air, usually I just roll down the window.”

I have a friend who says the same thing.
He refuses to use his car’s A/C, and will only turn on the A/C in his house (briefly) if he is expecting company. When he arrives at my house, his face is as red as a beet, and the back of his shirt and pants are so wet that you could probably wring them out. Additionally, after driving at expressway speeds for over an hour with the windows open, you have to shout in order for him to hear what you are saying.

I don’t know about Barkydog, but the actual translation of my friend’s “I like fresh air” statement, is “I’m so damn cheap that I won’t turn on the A/C for fear of having to spend a few more cents”.

Now I am not anti ac, use it on an as needed basis. I do not mind being a little warm, but do not like being hot, like the time we were driving across the Mojave desert, 118 degrees if I recall correctly, in the late 70’s, car was running hot so turned on the heat, backs of your knees or anyplace skin touched was dripping with sweat. I can understand not wanting climate control and just having a vent action @VDCdriver

That is why I love automatic climate control . . . my next car will definitely have it

set it and FORGET it . . . no constant fiddling around with the blower speeds, temperature, etc.

“Now I am not anti ac, use it on an as needed basis.”

Well, then you are definitely in a better place emotionally than my old friend.
When I asked him for the real reason why he doesn’t turn on his A/C at home, he said, “I would rather sweat–and stink–than spend the money for the A/C”.

Luckily for him, his habits (hygiene, A/C use, furnace use, cleanliness of his abode) now result in almost nobody who is willing to enter his condo, and that includes me. It should be noted that he has more than enough money to spend on creature comforts, soap, deodorant, etc., but he chooses to pinch pennies instead.

On many cars today the owner’s choices are limited. I cannot turn mu defrost vents on without the AC backup even if I want to. It sucks, but that seems to be what the kids designing cars today think a car is supposed to do, make decisions for its driver.


Did that old friend of yours ever manage to get married . . . ?!

I can’t imagine a spouse putting up with that for long

1st step . . . separate bedrooms and bathrooms

2nd step . . . divorce

I am ¢heap. As a registered tree-hugger and Greenie, I also want to save gas and pollute less.
It is good to sweat! No need to waste time sitting in a dry sauna when I can gain the same benefit while driving in the hot eastern plains. Sufficient bottled water is in themergencyehicle.

Also want no air conditioner load when on an emergency run.
Window open is too much wind noise, even worse when siren is blaring.

I read the manual. Found no information on defeating the air conditioner if set temperature becomes lower than ambient.
Apparently Lexus does not want rich people to have to think and do something.

“Did that old friend of yours ever manage to get married . . . ?!”

Yes, he did.
I was astounded when I saw how beautiful she was.
Then, when she died of a drug overdose a few years later, it all became more apparent to me.

He now has a new wife, as well as what he calls his “paid companions”.
It should be noted that he and his new wife live separately.


I’m glad I don’t have to work on your car

A few times over the years, I had to work on cars, where it was obvious that the driver REALLY stunk. It was a very unpleasant experience

Think about the poor guy who might have to work on your car someday, even if it’s only a smog inspection. I guarantee you he’ll remember your car for a LONG time

Then again, some people WANT to be remembered

I work with a guy, he prides himself on being remembered as a first rate . . . fill in the blank

If you want to sweat, do physical exercise, or do manual labor, like me

@“Robert Gift” did you even read my prior post how to turn ac off?

I do manualabor. Recently, while carrying heavy filing cabinets without emptying them, my fire chief complimented: “Robert, you’re strong as an ox and TWICE as smart!”

Can’t do physical exercise while driving. Wish I could install bicycle pedals to add energy to the drive train. I might contribute enough to compensate for electrical use!

I work on all of our vehicles. They are maintained in excellent, clean condition.
Opening the hood, smog inspector thought the vehicle was “too new” to need a smog inspection!
OCD can have its benefits.

"Robert Gift did you even read my prior post how to turn ac off?"

Sorry, Loudog. Did not see it. Will look. Thank you.