Can’t find 2005 Chrysler Crossfire turn signal bulb sockets



Need 2 front turn signal bulb sockets - the dealer says they’re no longer available! HELP!!!


You might try Ebay. I see that Rockauto doesn’t have any either. Sorry, old cars are like that.


Thanks - tried ebay but the photos don’t look like the sockets that’re in the car. I’m hesitant to order & then have to return the wrong items. I’ll keep looking. And, again thanks for your response.


You may have to find something close and adapt it. Drill some holes, etc.


You may want to try a Mercedes dealer. The Crossfire was a restyle of a Mercedes sport coupe model with way oversized wheels and tires that actually hurt it’s performance. They may use the same sockets.


Thanks but struck out there too.

The dealer asked a shop tech if he had seen a socket like the one I brought in & the tech said he’d been working on Mercedes Benz for over 20 years & never saw a socket like the ones used in the Crossfire.

I even sent an email to the manufacturer [Stocko] & they said their socket [PY 21 W] was likely designed for use in the Crossfire & no other vehicle.

BMW has a PY 21 W used in some of their cars but it is so different it won’t work.

So far it still remains a mystery that renders my turn signals out-of-order. Thanks for your interest. Who knows maybe one day a source will show up!


Don’t you have a state inspection, which would require they work?

Perhaps you can find an automotive electronics shop, and they could adapt some other socket.


Not in Florida - of course the ability to use turn signals is, I believe, required - I use the hand signal method left over from the days before self cancelling signals.

That’s a major reason why I continue looking for a source of replacement sockets.


I don’t consider that a wise solution. There are just too many people who don’t know that and 99 % of us are not looking for someone to be doing that. Find a good body shop and have do what ever they have to do to fix this . Plus the fact that emergency flashers are not working now.


Any way you could post of photo of the bulb, or a link to a photo? You’ve got me very curious…


the bulb seems pretty common…


I did find this:
Turn Signal Socket for CHRYSLER
but it doesn’t appear to fit the bulb…



In Florida turn signals may be mandatory but , in my experience, seldom used! :rofl:


I found this in a Crossfire forum;

"I had the same problem with my 2005 coupe.After a month of searching for a part in the US, I started searching in Europe. After talking to Valeo I ordered Peugeot Part # 6215465 from It was an exact fit. "

Try this Peugeot part #

207 307 607 807 621546



or seldom turned off! :smiley: :smiley:


THAT is the comment of the DAY! :joy:


Hi there - tried with the part numbers shown without luck. But, will continue to search as Valeo/ Stocko was of no help to me after emailing the company. I remain hopeful! Thanks much!!




Hooray - I’m hopeful - the picture looks like it will work - I ordered 2. Thank you so very much. Let’s hope the actual items prove to be good. Thanks!!!


Thanx but the needed socket has no wires - it inserts [after bulb is put in] & twists to lock inside the whole headlight assembly. There are contact points on the sides of the socket that make electrical contact - it’s the contacts that get “wobble” burn & no longer make good contact.