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Can’t find 2005 Chrysler Crossfire turn signal bulb sockets

Need 2 front turn signal bulb sockets - the dealer says they’re no longer available! HELP!!!

You might try Ebay. I see that Rockauto doesn’t have any either. Sorry, old cars are like that.

Thanks - tried ebay but the photos don’t look like the sockets that’re in the car. I’m hesitant to order & then have to return the wrong items. I’ll keep looking. And, again thanks for your response.

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You may have to find something close and adapt it. Drill some holes, etc.

You may want to try a Mercedes dealer. The Crossfire was a restyle of a Mercedes sport coupe model with way oversized wheels and tires that actually hurt it’s performance. They may use the same sockets.

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Thanks but struck out there too.

The dealer asked a shop tech if he had seen a socket like the one I brought in & the tech said he’d been working on Mercedes Benz for over 20 years & never saw a socket like the ones used in the Crossfire.

I even sent an email to the manufacturer [Stocko] & they said their socket [PY 21 W] was likely designed for use in the Crossfire & no other vehicle.

BMW has a PY 21 W used in some of their cars but it is so different it won’t work.

So far it still remains a mystery that renders my turn signals out-of-order. Thanks for your interest. Who knows maybe one day a source will show up!

Don’t you have a state inspection, which would require they work?

Perhaps you can find an automotive electronics shop, and they could adapt some other socket.

Not in Florida - of course the ability to use turn signals is, I believe, required - I use the hand signal method left over from the days before self cancelling signals.

That’s a major reason why I continue looking for a source of replacement sockets.

I don’t consider that a wise solution. There are just too many people who don’t know that and 99 % of us are not looking for someone to be doing that. Find a good body shop and have do what ever they have to do to fix this . Plus the fact that emergency flashers are not working now.

Any way you could post of photo of the bulb, or a link to a photo? You’ve got me very curious…

the bulb seems pretty common…

I did find this:
Turn Signal Socket for CHRYSLER
but it doesn’t appear to fit the bulb…


In Florida turn signals may be mandatory but , in my experience, seldom used! :rofl:


I found this in a Crossfire forum;

"I had the same problem with my 2005 coupe.After a month of searching for a part in the US, I started searching in Europe. After talking to Valeo I ordered Peugeot Part # 6215465 from It was an exact fit. "

Try this Peugeot part #

207 307 607 807 621546


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or seldom turned off! :smiley: :smiley:


THAT is the comment of the DAY! :joy:


Hi there - tried with the part numbers shown without luck. But, will continue to search as Valeo/ Stocko was of no help to me after emailing the company. I remain hopeful! Thanks much!!


Hooray - I’m hopeful - the picture looks like it will work - I ordered 2. Thank you so very much. Let’s hope the actual items prove to be good. Thanks!!!

Thanx but the needed socket has no wires - it inserts [after bulb is put in] & twists to lock inside the whole headlight assembly. There are contact points on the sides of the socket that make electrical contact - it’s the contacts that get “wobble” burn & no longer make good contact.