Can stalling be the result of a failing clutch?

For the last few weeks my car has been stalling. The problem was intermittent but has recently gotten worse. It will happen that when I shift into third or fourth gear I start to lose power. The car shudders and eventually stops. It can also happen as I am coming to a stop without the shudder. I have just been to the Volkswagon dealership and have been told I need a new clutch, to the tune of $3000. I have done some research and see no mention of this symptom being an indicator of clutch wear. Anybody out there got an opinion to share?

I agree that the clutch can’t be causing the stalling as you describe it.

Lose power and stop because engine died or car quit moving? Why do you doubt dealer? All kinds of stories about trusting them, but playing you for a sucker on a $3000. clutch that’s not needed is getting too far out. Did a mechanic look at it or was this a guess at the service desk? Have a mechanic you respect either look at it or recommend someone. You might also get more input here by reposting with a flag that says VW Needs Help.
It’s been my experience that VW folks tend to know their vehicles far better than most.

It was a mechanic that made the call. I’m usually very trusting but I have felt in the past the dealership provided me with the most expensive repairs possible. I understand that is the nature of dealerships, but I want to be sure they have the right problem. I posted my message because I didn’t feel convinced that the symptoms I noted were caused by a failing clutch after researching the matter online. Nothing mentioned stalling. As for losing power, it is accompanied by the chugging I mentioned. The car won’t accelerate, chuggs(shudders) then the engine dies. I would love to hear someone say, that’s the VW classic symptom for a slipping clutch. I flagged it for VW as you suggested NeedAHorse. Thanks for the input!

Slipping clutch is usually accompanied by runaway engine rpm, not chugging. To test for slipping clutch, find a desolate parking lot and drive it at peak torque rpm in 1st gear. Step on the brake as you floor the accelerator pedal, keeping the speedometer reading constant by applying as much brake pedal force as necessary. If the engine speed continues to rise with the vehicle speed held constant, the clutch is slipping.