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Can Seafoam in the gas tank damage the O2 sensor - Honda

Acura Integra

Someone who never used (but a good machinist/hobbyist mechanic) suggested that while it gives some benefit, it could damage O2 sensor.

Should I be concerned about it? I am still holding on to the Sea foam w/o applying it in the gas tank.

Appreciate it.

It is a feel good thing to do, but if you are having problems it is not a snake oil fix. If you are asking you must be having a problem. Sea foam is a preventative solution, more than a miracle repair all imho. Yes I use it but does it make a difference in the long run, maybe so I hedge on the maybe. As far as I know no harm will be done to an O2 sensor.

Seafoam isn’t going to bother a thing. It may help.

Your friend is incorrect and odds are that opinion is based on someone possibly using SF to cure a problem. If that problem worsened or led to another problem the SF gets the blame.

I’ve used it for some years with never a problem and the way it looks to me is if SF actually did damage O2 sensors the Feds would step in, countless lawsuits would have been filed, etc.

The writing on the can states that Sea-Foam is a pure petroleum product. That means that there isn’t any grit or ocean stuff in it. It’s probably better than burning the gasoline we have to use now. Why? Because you’re not burning enough of it to even matter anyway. Then there is the fact that the sensor is registering subatomic particles. Pour any additive in there and it won’t hurt it.