Can red transmission code on a bmw prevent it from starting?

My 3 series bmw transmission light came on and my car won’t start . I’m so stressed

I’m here wondering why it can’t start… I’m wondering if it’s lack of service?

There may be a no-start situation on your car and BMW would have your answer. Of course I don’t know when a 3 series was built. Sometimes you have to be your own expert or stressed will happen more often.

Could be as simple as a weak battery, Hard to know without being there.

It can do, if the car thinks it’s in a drive gear( D or R). Does it display ok on the dash display?

You have posted several times about this car. You have never told us what year, engine or trans type or mileage.

“3 series” does not cut it.

You will get very little useful help if you don’t give us some details.

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Yes sometimes… I will be in D at it said I’m in N

Ok it’s a 320i e90… 4 cylinder

Year? Miles/km?

It’s a 2006… mileage I dint quite remember

You might need someone who has a diagnostic reader, they have a switch in the gearbox and one in the gear selector lever, the only way to know which is read out what each one is saying . They do suffer from oil in the round plug on the back of the trans.

There are many electronic parts which cause problems like this. Everybody isn’t familiar with all of them. One bad sensor could be easy to find. It could be done by a mechanic with extensive training on your car. Maybe if you find that person you can drive again.

Try posting this on an E90 forum.