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BMW died down

Last night my BMW just won’t start. I had AAA come over they checked and said that the battery was good. Something seems to be moving but since they can’t open the engine they are unable to tell me what is wrong.

Can somebody tell me. What can be the possible reaons. I have the “get engine service soon” light on.


What model?
What model year?
Are you sure you have sufficient fuel in the tank?
Does it sound like it’s cranking over?
What exactly does “can’t open the engine” mean? Does it mean they couldn’t pop the hood?
I’ll assume the battery is under the rear seat or in the trunk, correct?
Is the antitheft led on or flashing?
Did you try another key yet?
You could have a bad crankshaft position sensor . . . but you’ve not given us enough info yet.
Have you gotten any fault codes read yet?