Can insects get into a closed car cabin? Or do rodents have to chew a path for them?

I read about rodents chewing up soy based wires in Priuses and some other modern cars and coming into the cabin via chewing up a filter as well as through various vents and openings.

Obviously insects can get into a car if a door or window is open, or while riding in on you or your stuff. What I am trying to avoid is buying a car that has vents or gaps where spiders, bugs etc. can come in when the doors and windows are closed. I’ve always assumed that cars were built to prevent this. Is this no longer the case? Are some cars more bugproof than others, and if so, which ones?
And would a Prius be safe from insects if not for mice and rats letting them in?

Yes, I think some cars are more likely to allow bugs/rodents to enter than others. I’ve never had either of those problems with my Corolla, but do occasionally have spiders enter my truck’s cabin. Insects can get through very small openings, but on the early 90’s Corolla I’ve never found any openings to the cabin of a size that would allow a rodent to enter. I used to haul bales of hay in a VW Beetle at a cattle ranch job, and had all sorts of mice with me hitching a ride, but they came in with the hay.

If you are considering a make/model to purchase, you could type that into the forum search box along with insects and rodents and see what it turns up here. Search feature is link at upper right on this page.

If you test drive a car, listen to it after you shut it off. You may be hearing the vents close after half a minute or so. Many cars have screens at the air intake. I hope someone knows more about those vents. I hear three or four closings or openings in my car.

40,000 traffic deaths a year is much more dangerous than bugs in your car. You might need some help with your phobia.

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I can’t think of any obvious differences between cars in this regard. I suppose that a luxury brand (especially Japanese) might be designed and assembled with a bit less chance of any unexpected gaps. I will point out that my wife’s BMWs have always had really good door seals that keep the sill completely dry even in heavy rain. (I think they might use a double seal, but her car isn’t here right now for me to check.)

Of course, if you put a few snakes in your car, the bugs won’t be a problem!

Me thinks you can give up on that search .

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The car is not air-tight. No car is, none. None ever has been. That means a bug can enter. Don’t give them a reason to enter. Don’t eat in your car and leave crumbs for them to want to consume.

As for rodents chewing on wires… the engine compartment is completely open to the bottom. That means the rodents can eat those tasty wires in the engine compartment ALL they want!

Exactly! I don’t allow eating in my cars. Ever. No exceptions. My Acura is 12 years old now and never has bugs in it. My MR2 is 26 years old and it only occasionally gets a small spider web when I leave it parked for a week with the roof off.

My wife is not nearly so picky, and eats in her car from time to time, and worse allows our 8 year old nephew to eat in the car. When he eats, only some of the food actually makes it inside his mouth. Her car gets spider webs if you leave it parked for a day. I’m sure they’re looking to catch the other bugs that are in there eating the crumbs.

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