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Can I use an alternator from a 96 6cyl in a 96 4 cyl s10

Can I use an alternator from a 96 6cyl s10 in a 96 4 cyl s10? Thanks in advance for any input.

Probably not. They probably mount differently and could have different connectors.

You could go to your favorite auto parts store and have them look up the replacement part numbers for both vehicles.

Do you have the alternator in question? If it is physically the same, you probably can make the substitution.

You can look this up online yourself.
I just did a quick check one one of the many online auto parts sites, and the alternator part numbers for a 96 Chevy S10 4cyl and 6cyl do indeed differ. That difference could be amperage related, mounting or pulley size related, or all of the above.

Or you could call a boneyard. They have cross reference data.

Did just that. Had the thought right after I posted here. They gave me the same answers you guys did. appreciate the input.