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'94 S-10 Help

I am having lots of problems with my truck right now, if i honk the horn it blows the fuse, then if i honk it again, the interior light comes on. It has a 2.2l, 2wd, automatic trans. I was also wondering what I could do to give it more get up and go without having to replace the motor with a 6-cyl. I checked and it has the same motor as the same year model of the chevy cavalier, but the cavalier seems to run faster. If I do have to replace the motor with a 6-cyl, what else would I have to replace with it, tranny, alt, etc… Thank you for all of you help in advance =)

Horn - Sounds like you have a short in the horn or steering wheel. This can be tricky and expensive on some vehicles because of the airbag.

Engine Power - yes you can upgrade to V6 for more power…but for a vehicle that’s almost 20 years old…it’s NOT worth it. Wasted money if you ask me. You’d be far better off financially buying a newer vehicle with a more power engine.

I checked and it has the same motor as the same year model of the chevy cavalier, but the cavalier seems to run faster

The Cavalier is smaller, lighter and geared completely differently. Of course it’s going to run faster. My 84 S-15 had the same engine as the V6 Fiero and Trans-am. That 2.8L V6 was a DOG in a pickup…but not too bad in a smaller vehicle like the Fiero.

Is there a way to regear my truck?

The only repair I see you ask about is the Horn. And yes that’s repairable.

Get yourself a wiring diagram and see what the horn and dome light have in common.
If the 2.2 is running reasonably well, let it be. Engine removal is enough work, but engine swaps can be ridiculous. Besides the engine and possibly the transmission, you’re talking about:
wiring harness
ac hoses and lines
fuel hoses and lines
the exhaust system
motor mounts
fan, shroud, hoses, possibly the radiator

The list goes on.
If you V6 power in that S10, just buy an S10 4.3

Just go whole hog and do the SBC swap. It’s pretty common in S10s.

It was supposed to be re-gear, not repair, MikeNH, if you were talking about my statement before yours, and I was wondering what needed to be re-geared, and if it would be easier to re-gear or replace the motor