Can I reset an airbag light myself?

Hello! My Jetta’s airbag light went on for no reason (the car did not start, so I changed the battery and now all is well.) But the airbag light on came as the result of my trying to start the car and it not starting. Do I understand correctly that only a mechanic can fix that and it is rather expensive?

Thank you!

autozone can scan it and turn it off for free. also if you have something on your passenger seat that is lighter than a human it can cause the passenger side air bag warning light to go on until item is removed.

I don’ think Autozone can scan airbag faults . As far as I know they can’t even turn off the Check Engine Light - I have seen them show the owner where to punch on the scanner to make the light go off .

I did not know that. I have had my own scanner.

It’s quite possible that the light will go off on its own after a while. When you change a battery certain info in the computer resets to a baseline and while it shouldn’t happen it’s possible that this warning light is a false reading. Drive it for a week or two and see what happens.

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On rare occasion a dead battery or battery disconnect can corrupt the passenger occupant detection system calibration. A professional diagnostic scan tool is necessary to perform the calibration, the auto parts stores don’t have a scan tool that can connect to your passive restraint module.

Need to start with reading the system faults.