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VW Jetta 94 Airbag Alarm Light

This is not a question but an updated of a problem disussion that has been closed at:

After I could not figure why I was having the alarm light I drove the car to a mechanic, explained my sleepless nights and many hours of problem analysis, and then the mechanic took his code reader, connected to the OBD car port, made a few clicks, and charged me $45 and then sent me off. The alarm light has not been back since - it blinks as expected when I start the car.

On my further research I have found that VW airbag light will come on if you check airbag with your gheto OBD code reader - exactly what I had read! It registers “high resistance”, and must be reset by someone with a qualified code reader!

@Kimland unfortunately some cheapo code readers aren’t actually able to clear certain codes.
I have a $3800 scan tool (I am a pro and use it all the time) and it can pull and clear codes that the cheap ones can’t.

Usually, the air-bag module is completely separate from the OBD-2 system and a engine/emissions code reader is useless for diagnosing air-bag faults. That requires a special (proprietary) SRS code reader that plugs into the airbag module connector…In 1994, few 'bag warning lights could be reset without replacing some expensive parts…

As I remember, you plugged in the air-bag system tester, located the faults in the system, repaired them, test for faults again and if you got a “no faults” indication, you installed a NEW control module ($$$$) and sent the customer on his way…

Thanks both. I hear you @Caddyman. The code reader I used tricked me by offering air bag diagnoses option. I had no reason whatsoever to use the option, other than I had the code reader connected and there it was telling me that it could test my airbag. I could not have imagined that using it would cause me problems. Anyway, the problem is solved.