Can I put my tires back on while I'm not working on my car

I had a quick question.

Im in the middle of a 94 sentra clutch change. Im about to remove the transaxle and drive axels ect.

My question is am I able to put the wheels back on while the transaxle and drive axels are out? I don’t want to leave my car on stands as I live in a pretty rough neighbourhood and don’t want them to get stolen plus there is a lot of kids running around playing last thing I want is one of them messing around with it and getting hurt

This vehicle must be outside. If someone is injured the lawsuit you could find yourself in will be much more expensive than the repair charge from a repair shop. Also the chance of a summons for having an attractive danger for children. I just would not risk it.

Yes, but anything you took apart to remove the drive axles must be put back together. Just leave the axles out.

Sure you can

Just set the parking brake and chock the wheels.


I wasn’t asking about lawsuits I was asking if I can put the wheels back on after i remove the transaxle and drive axels. If ican I can work here and there. If it needs to be on stands while it’s off I’ll plan to work at the crack of dawn till the evening where I’ll have plenty of time to change my clutch and get the wheels back on.

Just remember to install the lower ball joints back into the steering knuckles and put the nuts on loosely. Otherwise the tires will fold when the vehicle is lowered.


Thanks For the fast replies. I figured If I put it back together without the axel it would work just wanted to be sure.


A word of caution . . .

Do NOT roll the car around with no axleshafts . . . there’s a fair chance you will damage the wheel bearings by doing this

Resist the temptation, please



You know how many vehicles I’ve rolled out of the shop to free up space while waiting for an engine or transmission to show up without the half shafts installed?

The bearing doesn’t care how the tire/wheel is driven.


The axle stubs hold the wheel bearing races together. That is one reason that the axle nut is tightened so tight. If you put weight on or try to roll the car on its wheels, the races will separate. If you want you can put a substantial bolt with washers where the axle stub goes to hold everything so the tires can be put on; the car lowered; and moved at will.

Hope this helps.


I’m not very good at explaining things, but I know that guys do occasionally wreck wheel bearings rolling the car around with no axleshafts

Most of the time, they get away with it

But every once in awhile, somebody is left holding the bag

You’re right . . . the bearing doesn’t care, because it doesn’t have a brain

But it can get damaged

@researcher explained it far better than I could

For what it’s worth, I’ve also found out years after the fact, that I was doing something wrong. The fact that I got away with it hundreds of times, doesn’t mean I did everything correctly

I’m just as guilty as anybody, of finding out my mistakes after the fact, sometimes years or decades after the fact


I disagree db. you are good at explaining things


You’re being kind, but thanks

When I can’t explain things as well as @researcher did, I sometimes get frustrated

When all I can say is “I disagree with you, but I can’t technically explain the reason why I believe you’re mistaken” or “All I know is when I did it that way, it didn’t work for me” it feels insufficient

It reminds of the days when I was at the dealer and I saw something faulty on a car, but wasn’t able to explain satisfactorily to the customer what was faulty, and why they should repair it. And then I didn’t get the upsell. Of course, the service writer was also part of the equation . . .

Sometimes when the car car back on the hook a few days later, because they ignored my recommendations, because I couldn’t explain myself well, it wasn’t always satisfying. Because now the customer’s back and ticked off, versus he left a few days ago with a proper repair and the car is good to go

But it WAS satisfying when the customer did understand what I was saying, decided to be a cheapskate, and the car came back a few days later on the hook

I think its the other way around. when you are frustrated you can t explain well. during that thread with the german fellow you explained things meticulously. what was his name? I wish he would come back…


Yeah, I miss that guy also. I think he would have a lot to contribute to this group

Was it H.D. or something like that?

Unfortunately, it didn’t cross my mind that his cam might have gone flat

Well, we did the best we could, and he found the problem himself, in the end

And I’m glad that we all tried to help. That’s the main thing

It also helps that he was a very smart guy, and was grateful for any help he got

Unlike some other guys . . . and a lady . . . who ask a question, don’t like the responses, and cuss at us . . .

This vehicle must be outside. If someone is injured the lawsuit you could find yourself in will be much more expensive than the repair charge from a repair shop. Also the chance of a summons for having an attractive danger for children. I just would not risk it.

So you’re saying only those well-heeled enough to have a garage may work on their vehicles? That doesn’t jibe with reality, at least not in my neighborhood. It seems the LESS likely somebody owns a garage, the more likely it is they work on their own car.

I do get that anybody can be sued for anything. Ah, the simple joys of being judgment-proof :smiley:

yeah I enjoyed that thread, even tho I didn t understand most of what you guys were talking about…


Don’t sell yourself too short

Thanks everyone.

Won’t be moving it at all anymore. It’s in my driveway and its the only car i have and people just park behind me anyways. It’s there to stay until I get it fixed. Gotta work quick suppose to be nice weather for this week but that can change any day. Snow is on the way and I don’t feel like layin in the slush.

I’ll be starting tomorrow I got at it to late this evening im hoping to at least have the transaxle out by the end of the day. I did try to get the exhaust bolts out today but they were rusted like crazy. Sprayed some PB on it should i try a hand torch and heat a bit and crank with wrench or ? any suggestions would be great what to try.

Exhaust bolts are the worst. Sometimes you just have to grind off the bolt head and replace it with a new one when you do the reassembly.