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Can i put H speed rated tires on my car, when Costco's system says it supposed to be V rated?

Why not call around and see if you can find a place with the tires you had on the car that was totaled. That way you might have peace of mind. only lists V rated tires except for winter tires, those are H rated. lists a lot of H rated tires for your vehicle. My suggestion is that you open the owners manual and look up the section on tires. If it says H rated or better, then show this to the Costco employees. If you still have a problem, go inside the store and ask to speak to the manager.


From what I can find if you have 16" wheels H rated and if you have 17" wheels either Z or V. Sorry the full page won’t post and wont let me delete image either. The last column should read 225/55R17 95V on 17x7JJ wheel.

I replaced V with H on my Lexus ES300, never went back. There is no situation where you’d legally need V tires if you keep it under 100. Often the design is very similar, with heat disappation at high speed the main difference. I’d do it with no concern.

they were trying to tell me that the stopping distance would be different…“It would take you 4 extra feet to stop and that could be the difference of killing someone or not.” BAsed on the limited knowledge I have and some research I’ve done, that could be true based on whether I choose a Bridgestone or a Michelin. They’re trying to sell me a Bridgestone Ecopia.

@ANK Is this the same COSTCO that once told you that Pirelli tires are crap? I would ask you to talk to at least two other independent tire stores. You might pay more but actually get tires that will let you sleep at night and drive without being a nervous wreck.

Yes! Same Costco. Yes, I think you’re right. I will go elsewhere for tires. What do you recommend, Sears? Regular mechanic?

They’re wrong, the stopping distance will very likely be no different if it’s a model that comes in both ratings.

SEARS — Absolutely Not I have been pleased with Discount Tires but that does not mean everyone is. I have had good service with a Cooper Tire dealer several times. One couple in our family has had good results with a WALMART near them. My personal feeling is if someone tells you 4 feet of stopping distance is the difference between life and death is nuts.

my thoughts are that you need to understand what you are waiving. fair enough if you are waiving damage incurred when you exceed the speed rating, but not OK if you are being asked to waive all of your recovery rights.

ank I feel your pain. I had a similar experience at WALMART several years ago. I had purchased a new 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was factory equipped with Bridgestones (not recommended). They were the second worse tires I have ever had but that’s another story. They were terrible and I ended up replacing them at only 15,000 miles. They were 195/65/15 all season. I used WALMART for convenience as they were across the road from my work. They installed what I wanted. 205/60/15 BF Goodrich T/As. 35,000 miles later they were not worn out but performance was noticeably degraded so I returned to WALMART for exact replacement as I was pleased with the tires. The tech informed me that they could not replace my tires because they were not the same size as the factory tires because of a corporate order. I asked to see the service manager. When I showed him the paperwork of my original purchase he was glad to replace my tires. I can’t believe COSTCO’s extended song and dance! You can’t get your tires. You can but have to sign a waver. No. You can’t get your tires, plus all the lies about Subarus being sensitive. Like most AWD they are sensitive to mixed diameter tires. Increased stopping distance and increased tire wear is total BS. Run away! I’m sure there are independent or regional tire stores in your area who will be glad to sell you what you want.

Thank you. This is all good to know. Appreciate all the responses. What I really want anyway is the BF Goodrich TA. Costco also said they wouldn’t out those on. I’ll find a new tire place.

my husband ordered the tires he wanted from and had a quality local shop install them. was easy & affordable. their website has top rated installers by zip code.

H rated tires usually have a thicker tread so they last longer and have better winter traction…Compare the two tread wear ratings…Your Outback has no need for “V” rated tires…

ank I highly recommend the T/As. My 2010 KIA Forte came with Goodyear Eagles 215/45/17/V which were good for 15,000 miles and toast at less than 20,000. I now have Toyos which I have enjoyed in the past. 16,000 miles and still like new. It is amazing how much of a difference good tires can make. No wonder the racers change them every chance they get!

I just go to my local Goodyear dealer and have been for years. They carry all the major brands, not just Goodyear and are competitive on price just like all the others. They know the tires and the last set I got were Generals that are very good. The problem I have with TR is that after you consider not having anyone to talk to, or look at the tires, and pay for shipping and mounting and balancing, the price is really pretty close to just dealing local. Usually you get free rotations and free or discounted balancing if you need it. And if you have a problem, they are right there. I like someone local deciding what tires they will stock and sell, not a corporate office in Ohio is all.

Bing I have a regional tire shop a couple of miles away that is the best. They will get you any tire you want at a discount price and have free rotation which they recommend every 5,000 miles, free road hazard repair (I banged a curb and they replaced a $125 tire for free), roadside assistance, plus better than factory warranty. They also fix flats for free even if it’s not their tires. If they can do this the others must be charging way to much! Actually I think they are getting lifetime customers the old fashioned way. I’m one of them.

Yeah, I’d hang onto that shop and hope the kid doesn’t take over the business.

Bing The old man died in 2007 so I think the kid has already taken over. There are over 450 shops in the Western US. They are all company owned (No Franchises). I can go to any one of those shops and get the same service. The old man really knew what he was doing. The employees are treated well and have good pay and benefits which helps guarantee the consistency.