Can I keep my registration in TN and get IL DL


Enhanced ID provides more travel opportunities than Real ID but it also costs more-


If you have a Passport. If not getting a Real ID is so much easier and significantly less cost.


Already have passport. The problem with the Real ID in the past though in Minnesota was the limited number of DVM locations that could handle it but now it appears our local does it. Still no rush at this point. What’s more important is Pre-flight.


My enhanced driver’s license is always in my wallet if it’s needed unexpectedly. My passport is not.


your sunk costs doesn’t change the costs of passport for others

not everyone flies


Whaddaya need enhanced ID for then? Maybe going to Ft. Jackson?


To enter a Federal courthouse?
And to prevent doorknobs from thinking “illegal!” just because ya have a ‘non-compliant’ ID.


I can;t imagine wanting to go to a federal courthouse and if they want me to come, I don/t think my lack of real ID will stop them from getting me there.


Some people actually drive to Canada or Mexico…


Driving to Canada.


To be safe,carry a passport. I’m not sure a state issued enhanced ID is enough, but could be. At least you don’t have to have your vaccination record.


You can get a pass-port ID. About the size of a drivers-license. Good for travel to Mexico or Canada via road or air. I think the cost is minimal if you already have a passport.

I have a passport. I need it for work. Good for another 2 years. I also plan on retiring in 2 years…so this past year when I needed to renew my license I got Real-ID. Not sure if I’ll need a passport after I retire. But will be flying.


Whatever, do what you want but why would you not want to travel outside of North America when you retire? No more deadlines, no more schedules. Spend all the money saved up.


you are probably correct, yet it might not be about “wanting to go”

e.g. are you certain that you have no relatives, or friends, who might for some currently unseen reason need or want you to go in the future?

and I “can’t imagine wanting” the doorknobs of the world to be around, yet they remain


Not limiting myself yet. I just have a lot of places in the US I want to see first. Then if we want, we can get passports to go outside the US. And by then - who knows.


Not sure, but I think Minnesota was one of the last states to come into compliance with Federal requirements. When anyone renews their license, new license will be in compliance.
One requirement that may not be in each state, people with multiple name changes, such as divorcees, would have to have a copy of each marriage license and each divorce decree.


There are several states not compliant yet.


Wow, I live in FL, we got ours years ago.


Yeah our Governor Paulenty didn’t want to comply-that was 8 years ago. (I’m gonna be honest, I couldn’t stand the guy). Then Dayton for the next 8 years couldn’t seem to get it done either. I thought he was an improvement but soon developed a severe dislike for him too. It was a lot of money and seemed like federal over-reach, but finally is up and running.

I can only speak for Minnesota and maybe South Dakota, but you see there has been a long held resistance to creating any kind of a federal identification system. This goes back at least 40 years and every time someone wanted to use the SS number for ID, it was fully shot down. Of course then 9/11 and the gradual acceptance of a need to ID folks. It was seen as intruding on states rights which is also seen as building an ever increasing federal authority to the detriment of the checks and balances established by the framers. Yes the framers warned us. So I suppose it is necessary now but we need to still be watchful.

Then again in the back of my mind I think, gee, the feds make it nearly impossible to fly without a hassle with their TSA, then of course they propose a solution to the problem they created. Huh. Seen that before. Then 20 years ago before all this mess, it was suggested that we simply adopt a pre-flight screening system so that frequent fliers could be pre-screened and avoid the mess. The looneys would be searched but the IBM salesmen would be able to go right through security. Too simple.

Then I remember in 1972 our Army Reserve company were boarding in Wilkes-Barre in full dress uniforms trying to get through the metal detectors then. Seemed kinda silly to have to remove belts and brass to get on a plane. If you can’t trust the Army, who ya gonna call.

But yeah, Minnesota is on board now for better or worse. We made our stand and lost.


Sorry, I am not familiar with the term “doorknobs of the world”. If it is from talk radio or politics, I have long since lost interest in both. As long as politicians of any party need campaign contributions to be elected they will be in the pockets of whatever organization is supplying the money.