Move to Florida

I am moving from Chicago to Florida and planning to tow my car with me. A friend told me that moving a car to Florida would require some sort of a new intake/exhaust system that is required in Florida. Is it true? I checked around on the Internet and could not find any information regarding this. My car is a toyota collora 1994. I passed the last emission test in Illinois.

I’ve never heard of that. Find the Florida DMV site, see what they have to say.

The crickets down there are known to eat plastic, so you will need an aluminum bumper too. Just for the front one because they are too slow to catch the rear one. I heard that the people there do not like flatlanders. Miami is home to that famous designer of the ARRIVE STONED Fl. license plate. Her name is Faye Kass.

No. Don’t worry be happy. I am glad I am not towing a car across country.

Good Luck

Congratulations! Florida doesn’t do any emissions tests or vehicle inspections. Just register your car and go. Your annual registration should be less than $50.

Since the mechanical question has been answered, are you towing behind a rental truck? I prefer two axle transporters to get the car all the way off the pavement. You can see what you are towing in the mirrors and will be able to tell if a tire blows. You will also have better brakes. Leave lots of room in front of you and take your time.

I don’t know where your friend came up with this notion, but it’s incorrect. Good luck on the move. Don’t worry about the car.

You may want to check Florida’s emissions requirements and have your Corolla tested to se if it will comply. If not, you’re better to sell it in Chicago than to truck it to Florida.

Florida may have different requirements.

Florida has no requirements. They don’t do emissions testing here. They don’t even do annual inspections here.

Cool. Seeing as how I’d like to retire in Sarasota anyways, that’s good to hear.

It probably won’t stay that way forever. It’s just a matter of time until we end up with either a Democratic governor or a Republican governor who cares about clean air. Under Lawton Chiles they did emissions testing. Then Jeb Buch came into office and did away with all of that.

By then I hope to have a Tesla.