Can I keep my registration in TN and get IL DL


NH still has option of older style, non-SSN referenced DL if you prefer not to get Real ID. Live free or die baby! Heck, the credit agencies left the front door unlocked so the crooks could get SSNs. Seems like merchants getting hacked every year. My state having it too is least of my concerns…


the original expression is probably ‘dead as a doornail’, or ‘dumb as a doornail’, which became ‘dumb as a doorknob’ (probably because doornails are unfamiliar items today)

familiarity with doorknobs should include nearly everyone


I think most states are that way.

NH is changing (or has changed) the way they calculate the Driver License number. No sure what they will be using.


I got a Real ID back in Sept. It has NHL prefix followed by an 8 digit number. Are you saying they are changing again?


I know the Real-ID has a different number. But the regular DL’s were still using the old way of generating the number with parts of your name and date-of-birth. For regular DL’s -it either has changed or will be changing shortly


I was familiar with the doornail expressions.