Can I keep my registration in TN and get IL DL


I’m sure states might have something for situations like that. The idea behind the laws was to eliminate people having multiple drivers licenses from multiple states.


sounds like absolute certainty about a maybe

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OP mentions he “lives in TN” and has a spouse there! He’s moving to IL for work-related reasons, but said nothing about abandoning the residence in TN, or any marital changes. From the sounds of it, he’s making a work-related move of indefinite duration, but maintaining the marital household in TN.

From what we have to go on, it legitimately sounds like he would be a resident of TN, temporarily living elsewhere for work. To know for sure, I’d need info beyond the scope of this site, but…assuming he files MFJ on his Federal taxes…it sounds like TN is his “permanent residence.”

“but most states - the proof of residence for car registration is a valid drivers license.”

That doesn’t seem like it could be right: after all, entities such as LLCs own and register cars, and they (by definition) cannot drive. Or all the “Miss Daisys” out there: you can own a car, register a car, and have somebody drive it for you, even if you do not personally have a DL. (Heck, for some reason that escapes me, I bought a car at auction with my wife; we had it titled in HER name…she has no DL and never had one. I was able to add the car to my insurance, and we got it registered, no problem!)

To register a vehicle, they’ll want to know it’s insured and that the person registering it is, in fact, the owner. That would require insurance paperwork and photo ID (but not necessarily a DL…seems like a passport would work just as well.)

What legwork I’ve done seems to suggest a car can indeed be registered without DL. If you’re aware of a law stating the contrary, I’d sure be interested in a link to it.


I guess you missed this part…

. But, I NEED to have a drivers license in the state i work in for my profession.

You can’t have a residency in one state and have drivers license in another.


All of this craziness could be eliminated if driver licenses were issued at a federal level, and all motor vehicle laws were federal laws. The laws and regulations could still be administered and enforced by the states.


I suggested that to my neighbor once. He didn’t like that idea. He works for a company in MA that actually does the driver licenses in 48 of the 50 states.


Well the Constitution was not written to promote efficiency, but to promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s fine with me. I called Social Security once to report a death and I was told that I needed an appointment to call them to report it. I said never mind, keep your $200. Yeah sure, that’s all we need is the feds issuing our driver’s license.


Feds don’t issue CDL licenses, but they are heavily involved in the regulations.


The federal requirements for Real ID are already impacting how states manage driver’s licenses…


Yup. I have Real ID and so does my wife and kids. Without it - starting Oct 1, 2020 you won’t be able to board a plane without Real ID or a passport. Won’t be able to go into some federal buildings without Real ID or a passport.


"Starting October 1, 2020 "every air traveler will need a REAL ID-compliant license, or another acceptable form of identification, for domestic air travel."

Mike, any idea what the other acceptable forms of I. D. are?


Passport, Military ID, Government issued picture ID card


The only thing I know of is passport or passport ID card. Not sure how to get a Passport ID card. I do know that only US citizens can get them. So if you’re a permanent resident you’ll have to get the Real-ID. I have a passport, but wife and kids don’t. Real-ID in my state was cheap enough so I decided to get it so I don’t need to bring my passport when I travel inside the US.


Forgot about Military ID. I’ll bet that if you have an FBI id - that’s also valid.


Hmm, wonder if my CWP would work?


What is a CWP? What are they going to do if you are subpoenaed to Federal court and don’t have a real ID? As far as I know, my NY license is NOT a real ID.


Concealed Wepons Permit
Good question about court, I don’t know.
Memory is foggy, but I think Florida Licenses conformed to real ID requirements about ten years ago.


You can get into Federal Courts. White House or the Pentagon to name a couple - you’ll need Real-ID or a passport or passport card. And of course boarding a plane for domestic flight.

If there’s a gold Star in the upper right hand Corner, then you have a Real-ID. NY is also one of those states that has Enhanced ID. Enhanced ID can also be used that places a Real-ID is required, and you can cross the Canadian Border (and back) using the Enhanced ID. I wish NH would get the Enhanced ID. We do boarder Canada. But at least I can get a Real ID.


I haven’t read the requirements lately but in Minnesota, in order to get the Real ID license, you had to bring a birth certificate, plus other proof of residence like utility bills etc. So It is easier just to use a passport.


passports cost more