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Can I jump start my car without a radio? (2002 Buick LeSabre)

I removed the (factory-installed) radio from my 2002 Buick LeSabre to clear a cassette jam. Got the cassette out, but the cassette loader is knackered enough that I’ll probably have to get a new radio.

Here’s my question: the jammed cassette kept the radio on and drained my battery enough so I don’t even get a whimper when I try to start it. I’ve tried to use a portable Jump&Go jump starter but with no luck. I’d rather not waste time putting the radio back in if I’m going to have to replace it anyway, but I’m wondering if the gaping hole where it used to be has anything to do with my inability to jump start my car (or if it might be the fault of the jump starter).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Try using jumper cables (battery to battery) from another vehicle. You may need to let the cables stay connected for a few minutes to help restore some charge back in your battery.

I’m assuming that with the radio completely out now, the battery drain problem you had no longer exists.

Joe is correct. There is a good possibility that you will need a new battery. Car batteries, specially older ones, do not recover well from being totally discharged.

+2 for JoeMario.

The answer to your question is No. It doesn’t matter at all to the jump-start that your radio is missing. @JoeMario is spot-on.

But the answer to the question in the heading is yes. You can jump start your car without the radio. :smiley:

If the battery was more than 3 years old chances are you may have to install a new one. You could have the one you have already tested to check the condition of it before you purchase a new one. Ebay is a good place to find good OEM replacement radios for a reasonable price if you want to go that route.