Can I install rear struts in a 2005 Corolla? (I have no special tools.) At what mileage?

After hearing a small clunk when going over a bump, wife was told by an auto repair shop that our gently-driven 60,000 miles Corolla needs new struts.
I say no.
What sayou?

Thank you.

“Wife was told”—by whom?

An auto repair shop. I do not know them.
(I’ll improve my post.)

Hearing a single clunk is not cause enough to write off your current struts. And 60,000 miles is too soon to suspect strut failure. I advise you to disregard the mechanic’s light-hearted quip. Keep on merrily driving unless you can provide other symptoms of strut malfunction.

Clunks more often come from worn bushings, not struts, so you should get a second opinion if the clunking persists.