95 toyota corolla Clunking noise

When I drive over bumps or dips my car makes this clunking noise in the front passenger side. I just had the front brake assembly replaced as well as the engine mounts but the noise is still occurring. what could this be and would it affect my new brakes in any way?

Have the struts ever been replaced? If not, could be an old, worn-out strut that needs replacing. That would not affect your brakes directly, but it would affect the handling of the car, and could impair braking effectiveness under certain road conditions.

And if one strut needs replacing, they probably all do.

I have had the struts replaced 6 months ago… could it be they were not installed correctly? was more or less concerned about the brakes, I just paid a pretty penny to have them fixed and dont want to mess that up.

Thank you!

ooaf… and also would having loose struts effect the engine mounts?

again thank you

Did they change the strut mounts too? You really have to check the car, difficult to guess over the internet. These clunking noises are difficult to figure sometime even when you have the car on hand.

Engine mounts and struts/strut mounts are not related.

As long as your brakes feel like they’re working OK, the clunking noise is probably not related to the brakes. The noise is not going to mess up your brake job.