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Can i install a 1977 vw beetle engine in a 1962 vw beetle?

I have a 1962 VW Beetle and was wondering if i could install a 1977 VW Beetle Engine without major modifications? Appreciate any feedback thank you.

I would say it will work… but this isn’t a VW site and I’m only lightly versed in the subject. You might want to look for a VW Beetle specialty forum, they know ALL the swaps and little tricks for things like that.

Ok thank you new to this and not too much tech savy appreciate the info.

Thesamba and VWVortex are two good VW sites.

Since you are new to this, how do you know the ‘77 engine is in good condition?

the 77 had fuel injection which can be removed. the 62 has single port heads while the 77 has dual port heads but digging up an intake is easy enough. and a carb. finding an exhaust is not hard. the basic block assy will bolt up ok. i figure there are some ok 62’s in existence.
i think a 62 is 1380cc? while a 77 might be 1580cc or so? or was it 1600cc?

I have done many VW engine swaps but never a 77 into a 62. I have done a 66 into a 59 but there are differences in the clutch and flywheel. With the 77 I would imagine those changes are much greater.

The big issue you have here is that both the 62, the 66, and the 59 I mentioned all used the swing axle transaxle. The 77 uses the CV joint type. You would need to use the CV type transaxle and that leads to major problems as the wheel hubs, trailing arms, and so on are different.
Doable I suppose but not without major challenges including the change from 12 volts to 6 volts.
You’re also looking at overloading the comparatively weak suspension on the 62 by using a more powerful engine out of a 77 which has vastly improved suspension including front struts. Good luck though.

Sounds like its doable but better option for me looks like just paying to have my 62 engine rebuilt and take it nice and slow thanks for all the info and feedback

i had a 65 till i crashed it in HS. had a 61 or a few months. very rusted floor. dont even recall why my dad bought it. girlfriend bought a 76-77 about that time. i recall it was nice, for a bug.