Changing a 3/4 bench seat for bucket seats - 2002 Sienna

We have a 2002 Toyota Sienna. When we purchased it, the 3/4 bench seat in the middle worked well for our smaller children. Well, they’re older now, and bucket seats would work better.

I am thinking about finding a couple of bucket seats from another Sienna and replacing the bench with the buckets. What I don’t know is whether or not this is possible without some severe modifications to the floorboard to accommodate fastening to buckets to the floor. The dealer had no idea whether the Sienna is designed to accept either the bench or the buckets without modification, or whether there are separate designs for each.

Has anyone ever done this?

Go to your local junk yard(s) and do some investigation. I can’t imagine there can be that much difference in the floor or the mounting system. The engineers try to make vehicles EASIER to assemble whenever possible. The bucket seats may bolt right in without modification.

Actually, if you have to modify anything I’d rethink the whole thing. Factory mounting points will be safe. Home made seat mounts may not be.

The seats should be interchangeable. There are usually rubber plugs in the floor pan under the car that provide access to the seat mount fasteners…If you want the correct color, finding a pair of seats will not be easy or cheap…