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Can i buy new tires and rims for my lease?

Hello, i just recently leased the new 2019 Silverado RXT edition. It has 18” stock rims on it already, but i want to get some rims that are black and maybe some more beefy tires. If i do go about getting a new set of wheels and rims, i’ll probably get some 20” or 22” rims. But my question is, do i have to get some sort of tire pressure sensor with all these tires or can i just put these new tires and rims on and call it good? Would i need more than all this? Thanks and i know it’s a lease and i plan on putting the stock wheels and tires back on before i turn it back in

And what are you going to do with them if they don’t fit your next vehicle ? Sell them at half the price you paid for them or worse ? The place you buy the wheels from can answer the Tire pressure monitor system question.

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You’ll either have to purchase new TPMS sensors for your new wheels or remove the tires from the stock wheels take the sensors off of them, have them installed on your new wheels and then (presumably) have the stock tires remounted on the stock wheels. And when your lease it up, reverse the procedure.

It will be far easier and cheaper to just purchase new sensors.

It’s a lease for heavens sake. Leave it alone, you don’t own it.


Can you?
Should you?


I had 3 sets for my leased Honda. Well I have 2 now. Had steel/snow tires for awhile. Sold them for more than I paid. Have my 2nd summer set for sale now.

You can lease wheels and tires. I didn’t believe it, but a couple years ago I came across a website or two that offer that. Ridiculous wheels, of course, but maybe some merely foolish ones, too.

you can buy from the Chevy dealer,Tire rack, or your local tire store. Either way you can get TMPS installed as part of the package, $200 a set from tire rack.