Can dipstick collar do damage if dropped in oil reservoir?

When I last checked my oil level, the hard plastic collar that surrounds the opening where the dipstick goes in fell into the oil reservoir. The plastic collar is fully intact and lying at the bottom in the oil. I haven’t had any success fishing it out. Will it harm my engine if I leave it in there? There’s a soft rubber shield that blocks the gaps between the opening and the dipstick at the top so it isn’t spewing oil on the engine.

there is a screen on the sump that draws oil into the pump. But, this said, a chunk of stuff, plastic or metal that gets beat around by the rod ends and crank, can get tossed through that screen and plug us the sump, or even if broken down into more pieces, get into the pump. May not be the most likely, but it could happen, and what you ought to do for peace of mind is drain the oil, drop the pan, and get that little bit of junk out of there sooner than later. Thats my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

Motor oil, P.S. Fluid, Brake fluid, what reservoir are you talking about???

I never thought I’d be thanking an ignoramus…but here goes. Thank you ignoramus9! My car needs an oil change anyway and I’ll get it all taken care of Monday. Thanks for the good advice and have a great weekend.

You two were made for each other…

I took oil resivoir to be the OPs term for the crankcase. Seems to fairly clear to me. I dont much like little bits of junk in my crankcase, but if others dont mind it in theirs, who am I to disagree?

Had you ever seen a New Beetle engine oil dipstick, you would know your assumption was wrong…