Can anyone identify the make and model of this car?

I really like the look of the car in the picture below, but I’m not sure what it is. Can anyone identify it? Thanks!

Picture: http://img…320102.jpg

Late model Ford Mustang

Yep, 2005-2009 Mustang. The 2011 one is the one to get, I’m even thinking about the v6, 305 hp, and great handling. Don’t need the v8 (but 400+ hp might be fun…).

Yup. Definitely a late-model Mustang.

Are there none of these cars in the OP’s region? I see several each day, and I always admire their style.

The V8 is kind of a big deal (MASSIVE increase in power, with a significant bump in fuel economy…HELL YES.) But the V6 is a bigger deal.

This is the first time EVER that Ford has made a rear-drive V6 passenger car that doesn’t suck. (Yeah, including the Supercoupe. Head gaskets.) This is the first time in the history V6 Mustangs that buying a V6 Mustang has not been a profoundly bad idea. This is the first time that the V6 actually offers any advantage worth mentioning over the V8 other than price (unlike the previous three generations, where it was like 1 or 2 mpg, the new one is more like 5 or 6).

I’ll probably never buy either one, but this is just one of the first in a wave of direct-injection engines and (IIRC) new transmissions coming out that will just blow everything before them out of the water in terms of efficiency and performance. I’m kind of psyched. (I can’t wait to see if the new Miata lives up to the hype.)

I am wondering:

If the OP can not identify this car - they ought to be plentiful - is this a good choice for them?

To be fair, newer cars ARE starting to look more and more like each other, despite all the companies’ best attempts

While that characterization is very true–in general–I really don’t think that the newer model Mustangs resemble most other cars on the road, except for some intentional resemblance to older model Mustangs.

If the OP likes the car and it fits the budget, why wouldn’t it be a good choice? It makes no difference if he’s able to identify it or not.

There’s tons of people out there who love their cars and have no idea whatsoever what’s under the sheetmetal. Hummer has made an entire cohort out of people like that.

The T-Bird super coupe didn’t have the head gasket issue that that lesser T-birds did. The SC model had unique low-compression heads. The T-Bird SC didn’t suck, I had one in high school.

The new transmissions in the Mustangs are conventional 6 speed automatics. The new dual clutch transmissions are the next big thing. Funnily enough Ford held off with direct injection for the new 5.0L V8. I suspect it’ll show up before 2016 though.

Is it a trick question? Could it be a Saleen or Roush Mustang?

I don’t see any hood scoops on it that would indicate that it’s anything more than a normal Mustang. No fog/driving lights in the grille means it’s most likely a V6 Mustang to boot.

And with those plain 16" wheels it has, it must just be a plain jane 05-09.

Another somewhat confusing element would be the way the picture looks dated. Kinda like someone scanned a 20 or 30 year old magazine article or something

Even more confusing is that the OP has not returned. A troll, perhaps?