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Camshaft Sensor Error and Alternator?

2012 Dodge Caravan. Check engine light pops on and restricts driving speed. Scanned it and I’m getting code

“P0394: Bank 2 Camshaft Position Sensor 2/2 Circuit Intermittent”

I had the sensors tested and they were said to be good. I’ve searched the internet and only found one suggestion that the alternator may be bad and sending “erratic impulses” to the sensors. Anyone have wisdom with this situation? Thanks.

Check the power supply to the sensor. Pin 2 is 5 volts, pin 3 in sensor ground. Beyond that, diy’er testing is going to be hard to do without access to an o’scope. Your 3.6 L engine has 4 camshafts, 2 cam sensors. Each sensor has a corresponding tone ring which is what the sensor detects, so you could remove the sensor & check the tone ring for corrosion, damaged, or gunked up. Checking for damage in the sensor part of wiring harness and connectors makes sense too.

The trouble is with the wiring to the sensor, not the sensor itself, and very well could be just a loose connection between the sensor and the PCM module. Check the power and ground connections like George_San_Jose1 stated above and if those voltage readings are okay then you need to check the resistance to pin 2, the sensor output lead going to the PCM. All you need is a volt/ohmmeter to make those checks.