P0344 code from dodge neon 2003

i have htis code read on my car

its P0344 it means- Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Intermittent

well i replaced the camshaft sensor

and i also replaced the crankshaft sensor

any help would do

The code stated camshaft position sensor CIRCUIT intermittent. This does not mean there’s a problem with the sensor itself. But instead look at the sensor connection plug and it’s wires.


ok i will do that also

Intake Camshaft Position Sensor, (is that what i replaced)

P0344 = Camshaft position sensor ‘A’ circuit intermittant (Bank 1 or single sensor)
‘A’ circuit is intake side. ‘B’ circuit is exhaust side.
where is b circuit -exhaust side located

P0344 = Camshaft position sensor ‘A’ circuit intermittant (Bank 1 or single sensor)
‘A’ circuit is intake side. ‘B’ circuit is exhaust side.
where is b circuit -exhaust side located

The orange wire is 5 volts dc from the engine computer to the camshaft position sensor (CPS). The tan/yellow wire carries the signal from the CPS to the engine computer. And, the black/light blue wire goes from the CPS to CMP sensor ground terminal at the engine computer.
Use a digital multimeter to check these wires for integrity. You can do that by disconnecting the battery, and, then, disconnecting the electrical connector from the engine computer and at the CPS. [I’m waiting for someone to surprise me and actually do this kind of check.]

BTW, these are the same recommendations from your earlier post. Did you not like them then?

yes i did , i also found a few days ago other options or solution thansk for info

nice ASE test,very nice,!

The code P0344 means that the signal from the sensor is intermittent. The engine computer has no way of knowing where in the sensor circuit the signal becomes intermittent. The signal could be breaking within the sensor. You changed the sensor; so, that’s not it. What’s left? The wiring! The wiring could have poor connections where it connects to the sensor, or anywhere between the sensor and the engine computer. The wiring could be frayed, or broken, or corroded, or pinched.
To find where the wire may be damaged, or a poor connection, you need to test it with an electrical test-meter (multimeter). As the ohms readings are being taken, the wires needs to be shaken [wriggle test] to see if the reading varies. If the wire shows any resistance, a connection may be at fault. Check each wire to ground, because a bare spot on the wire could be touching metal, or another wire, and being grounded . I won’t go into testing live circuits. That should only be done by an experienced automotive electrician/mechanic.

hi there , if it is the wireing or connestion, can that be replaced and if so
what car parts should i ask the salesman…

can i buy a eletric test reader or would auto zone do the test for me…

its me james again

here is what happend,

well my first code was p0340 which was the camshaeft sensor, so i replaced that

second i got a p03444 which was-camshaft position sensor CIRCUIT intermittent
well i called dodge and told them the p0344 code, they saidit was the cranksensor
so i went and bouth the cranksensor and put that in, well i still have p03444 code

so why did dodge tell me that it was the cranksensor

also i went to autozone that is where they did the test codes(for free)
my ? is if i went to dodge dealer and they did the codes test would have htey come up with the same results
even though i paid 100.00 for the test

also thanks for info i really appreciate it…any help will do

How can I say this? You need someone experienced in this kind of work. Ask your family and friends for a mechanic they know who knows electrical troubleshooting (not all mechanics can). Take it to him/her and save yourself lost time and aggravation.

ok thanks for all the info
do u trust those jiffy lubes when they quote you on a mechanical problem

I don’t trust Jiffy Lube to change my oil. I know the kind of ‘mechanic’ (and I use the term loosely in this case) they are looking to hire.

the diffylube guys arew only capable of doing what you have ALREADY done.

obviously there is a further problem with the wiring, connection or plug.

as hk said a more professional interpretation is necessary. you don’t want to keep replacing parts unnecessarily.

BTW the dealer screwed up telling you to replace the crank pos sensor. these codes relate to the cam position sensor. it may have been an honest slip of the tongue. oops!

the code reading is the same from the dealer, and autozone. it is the interpretation of these codes which is the hard part.

the two posts you made point that out. the code for NO cam pos sensor was ONE code. the second code was for an cam pos sensor intermittent signal. see the difference?

the signal is there, but is intermittent. find out why. wiggle the connections, the clip on plugs, and while you are there LOOK inside the connector to see the condition of the connection spades and lugs inside the connector. ensure they are clean and not corroded.

If you find out the wiring to the new sensor is ok could be that the new sensor is defective.

hi there when i look at the wires do i have to dissconect the batter before i unplug the wires from the sensor its self, just want to make sure…

Not always true that a Cam sensor code does not mean that a crank sensor is not the culprit. computer zompairs the two values and could determin that the cam code it the DTC to set. when it may be the Crank values that are incorect to the cam.
Step 6 in aldata checking code P0344 has a note : An intermitant Glitch in crankshaft position sensor can cause code P0344 to set.

Dodge Dealer may have insite to this code and history of solving problem.