Camshaft knock pins out of alignment on 95 Nissan Sentra 1.6L

I am trying to install the upper chains on my sentra. The colored links will not align onto the sprocket marks. They are off by a link. I know there are 16 links across the top and 16 links from the exhaust sprocket to the idler sprocket. However, it seems,
the camshaft knock pin on the intake sprocket is out of alignment. Both camshafts are a TDC; intake lobe facing up and facing firewall at horizontal, exhaust love up and horizontal facing grill. The exhaust camshaft sprocket is at 1130; the intake VTC knock pin is above the 9 o’clock mark. The Haynes book and other sources, say the knock pin on the intake side should be below the the 9 mark by about 10-11 degrees and for the exhaust side at 12. Do I need to reset the cam shaft? Can it be done without totally screwing everything up? Or does anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

I’ve never done that on a Sentra but would be reluctant to do it with a Haynes manual as a source - it seems like they love to cut and paste stuff so it may not be totally accurate or at least confusing.
You may want to get the factory manual to that car. They can often be had for just a couple of bucks off the internet in pdf form.

Also, there are several Nissan only forums out there with people that know these cars like the back of their hands.