Camry Reverse light comes on while braking


The reverse light on the dashboard of my 1991 Camry comes on while I’m applying the brakes in “Drive”. It also comes on when it is supposed to,while it is in reverse. What should I begin to look at to fix it?


I would explore a ground problem with one of the rear tail light assemblies. Have someone watch the rear tail lights and see if a backup light comes on when the brake pedal is pushed or additional light comes on when the backup light is active in reverse.


Do you have a trailer hitch wiring connector? These sometimes get shorted out…


I agree. Ground problem. Check the ground points for the tail light assemblies.


On my daughter’s '90 Camry LE, a light came on the dashboard (can’t remember which one) everytime the brakes were applied. It turned out to be a broken ground wire in harness that went into the trunk lid. After hours of troubleshooting, it was kind of obvious just where the break in the wire was as the harness keeper on the body broke loose near that spot allowing the harness to flop around. The ground wire insulation was not broken, only the copper inside. Another related issue was that the brake light was dimmer on one side than the other. This turned out to be the double filament brake/tail light bulb was forced into the socket backwards which caused the wrong filament to light up when the brakes were applied. It was this bulb that back feed a resistive ground into the circuit causing the dashboard light to come “on” during the braking.