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Brake lights always on

When I turn on my running lights or my head lights my brake lights come on and stay on. When my lights are off they function normally. When the car is in reverse they also function normally. No recent work or accident. 1988 Toyota pickup, help?

Check that the ground wires are in good shape. More often than not, light problems are rooted in bad grounds somewhere.

This kind of problem can sometimes be caused by a broken/crossed filament in the bulb if you have the dual filament type of brake light bulb. The running light filament may be broken and touching the brake light filament in one of the bulbs.

changed both brake bulbs, they are dual filament. checked fuses too. The wires behind the tail light housing are not frayed and everything appears to be in great shape back there. still when i turn on my running/head lights the brake lights come on and stay on.

I know it doesn’t fit with the thing about the other lights, but I would at least check the switch down at the brake pedal

If there is a hookup for trailer lights check that out. Those two circuits should be seperate from each other normally.

Did you chase the wires from the tail lights all the way to the ground connection? I once had a co-worker with a tail light problem on a Toyota car that the dealer could not diagnose. I started tracking the wires, and pulled off an inner panel in his trunk. There it was, a ground wire lug under a screw that had not been tightened at the factory. My co-worker thought I was a genius.

It sounds like you have tail lights grounding through your brake lights.

my brake lights are not coming on ,when i put on my head lights ,but have brake lights when i apply them ,but when i take my foot off the brake i still dont have any lights what can i do ,r what do yall think is wrong? my car is a landrover 1996