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Camry rear window glare

2019 camry, at night there is a very distracting glare out the back window. I think it is because of the defroster lines. When there are cars behind me with their headlights on there is a bad glare making a prism effect with 10-12 lines above and below each head light. Is there anything to help this?

Maybe tint the rear window. Talk to your local window tint shops and ask them the same question. They may have something that will help.

Part of the problem you are having is that this is a car - low to the ground - being head-lighted by trucks, SUV’s, Crossovers and similar vehicles with lights above your trunk lid shining INTO your car rather than at the back bumper. I suffer the same in my 2 cars but not my truck. There may not be an acceptable solution.

thanks. Appreciate your reply. i don’ have this problem on the old Honda Accord i drive or on any cars i have rented in the last few years so i’m wondering if it is just a problem with the Toyotas? I don’t know if it is something i could get used to??? or if it would remain very annoying???

I don’t know why the Toyota would be worse than other cars. Maybe the glass they use, maybe the angle.

Really, only you know if you could get used to it. In my town, tint is inexpensive, especially rear window only. If you don’t like it, or it needs to be different or darker, it peels off easily.

you see this effect in the rear view mirror? is it auto-darkening? maybe its the mirror compounding the issue?

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THANKS… appreciate your ideas !

This is a good question. Do you see this effect only in the mirror?

Could you try another car at the dealer just to see what happens? This time of year, it’s probably dark outside before they close.

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well you said you “see” this issue and i assume you are not driving backwards? when i look out the rear window i see a blurring? get one of those super wide clip on rear view mirror things they sell on tv at 2am that gives you a super wide view. i think the polarized, HD gold tinted ones are best.

I have the same problem with the tint on my 2019 Camry. It’s very annoying and I’m wondering if it’s the type of film that was used.

Yes it is.

Any idea what would be a “good” type of film to use? Or “bad” films to avoid? I’d like to get the film replaced to avoid this problem.

Downside of any film, it may bubble if rear window defogger is used frequently. It may take a few year, but will eventually happen.