Camry High RPMs and Loud Noises

I have a 2001 Toyota Camry, Manual, with about 190,000 miles on it and I am having 2 issues that may or (more likely) may not have anything to do with one another, please help me solve these problems.

  1. I am experiencing really high (over 3k) RPMs at the lowers speeds in each gear right after I shift, especially in 5th gear. After a few seconds, if I back my foot off the gas, the RPMs drop down to a normal level and increase at a normal speed. Several other people have posted this and supposedly this car might lock me out of overdrive if its cool, but I have a manual, could this be my problem? Also it happens at least sometimes in lower gears as well, it does seem like the car is staying in a lower gear rather than changing when I change it.

next problem

  1. My car has gotten really loud, its not a weird noise, just kind of a vrooming type sound, however it is coming from the back of my car (maybe more on the right) when I turn left the sound gets louder and when I turn right the sound goes completely away, what could be causing this?

This for question #2

You’ve got a bad rear hub, the right rear hub, most likely

Noise when turning left = bad component on the right side

Noise when turning right = bad component on the left side

The first problem might be caused from a slipping clutch.

To check for this, start the engine and apply the parking brake. Place the transmision into fifth gear. Now slowly let the clutch pedal out while giving it a little gas. The engine should stall at some point. If the engine doesn’t stall the clutch is slipping.

The second problem might caused by a bad rear bearing.

To check for this, raise the tire you hear the noise from off the ground. Grab the tire at the 6:00 oclock and 12:00 oclock positions and try rocking the top and bottom of the tire in and out. If the tire wiggles that bearing is bad.


It is possible that the rear hub may not be loose, but rough, meaning that it seems rough when you turn the tire by hand

Yes, concur w/@Tester, most likely first problem is the clutch. A slipping clutch usually manifests itself first in 5th gear.

Tom and Ray joke on the show about their method for testing a suspected slipping clutch. Park the car with the front end up against the biggest tree you can find, then put it in 5th, goose the engine, and engage the clutch. If the engine keeps running, the clutch is kaput.

I think I recall a show segment where the guys told a story where something went wrong on one of these clutch trials at their shop, and the car – instead of staying put – went roaring across the shop scaring all the other mechanics … anybody else remember that story?

Also agree with above posters the rrrrr --rrrrr —rrrr noise when turning is probably a bad wheel bearing or hub. I have this problem starting to occur on my early 90’s Corolla with 200K in fact. So that may be approaching the mileage limit on these Toyota rear wheel bearings.