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2007 Toyota Camry - Odd transmission behavior

Hi, I have owned my Camry since 5 years old and this is the first winter that I have used it as she is usually a summer car only… I have two issues that may be related when cruising on a road with no grade at approx. 35 mph the transmission with upshift and downshift constantly as I can see the rpm gauge fluctuate by approx. 500 rpm when it happens also I noticed occasionally the engine will race to approx. 3000 rpm for a short burst when parked or stopped at a traffic light… any ideas?

Your the first person I ever heard of that got a car at 5 . Most of us had to wait until we were 16 .


The 500 rpm variance at 35 mph may be the torque converter locking and unlocking. Normal. The engine racing while standing still is not normal, but it is not a transmission issue, but rather an engine control issue. I’d first check for a vacuum leak and then for proper throttle body operation.

Possibly apples and oranges but my 2009 Corolla doesn’t do that in similar circumstances. The RPMs remain fairly constant. I suspect both issues are connected. The transmission could be slipping, which would allow the engine to rev.

To the OP: How long has it been since you had the transmission serviced or checked the fluid?

Engine rpm variations when the trans is in P or N could be a problem with theidle air control function. This car probably uses an electronic throttle body system. It might just be stickiing and needs a cleaning.

Engine rpm variations when the car is in D would usually be something askew w/the transmission.