Dying toyota

I have a 93 camry that has always run great. Last June it started dying at stopsigns or just while idling. It has been to several mechanics including the local toyota dealership, but since it doesn’t show a code, no one knows why it’s dying. Over $2500 later, I’m broke and it still dies. Please help!!! Or just buy it so I can get one I trust.

There are many items on the car that could make it “die”. You’ve given no info on what’s been done to correct it, the motor in the car, mileage, maintenance done or not done, etc. No idea where to start with an answer.

First item would be to go to the owner’s manual and have all the maintenance required performed. Every 30K miles most Toyota’s require a major service, new spark plugs, air cleaner, and so on. When was this last done?

I have a Toyota Sequoia that I bought with just under 90K miles. It “died” twice on me. The air filter was full of junk, the plugs looked like they had way more than 30K miles on them, and there was some “carbon” in the intake area. New filter, new plugs, some carbon cleaned out and no more problem.

Give some more info and you may get some help.

The next time it wants to stall, with your left foot firmly on the brake pedal, slightly step on the accelerator. If doing this prevents the engine from stalling, the problem is with the idle air by-pass valve circuit. This could mean that the by-pass valve is dirty and needs to be removed and cleaned along with the idle air bleed port on the throttle body, or the by-pass valve needs to be replaced.


I agree with Tester. Has anyone looked at or cleaned out the idle air control valve (idle air by-pass valve)? It’s not uncommon for those to get a lot of carbon buildup on Toyotas. It should take an hour to disassemble, clean, and replace.

1993 was a fair bit ago. This is a pretty good forum for general questions, but you might want to try one of the Toyota specific fora like www.toyotanation.com. If there is some problem that is peculiar to your particular generation of Toyota, they will likely know about it and what your options are. Of course dealers should know such things also, but not all dealer service departments are created equal.

I just ordered the Chilton’s so my brother can try what you suggested, (unless you want to give it a shot). We were looking over the receipts and it had a complete tune-up about a week after this started happening last summer. It’s a 2.2 liter 4 cylinder. It has 113,000 miles on it and runs great other than the dying thing. It also has had a used map sensor, igniter,coil pack in distributor, disabled EGR system and blocked off line (to test if that was the problem, I assume).replaced distributer hsg, condensor and breaker wire. If I’m botching these terms, it’s because I’m not a mechanic and I’m just writing what I read. thanks for your suggestion. If you are in the area, you’re welcome to do the work. Obviously I am willing to pay…hahaha

Over $2500 later, I’m broke and it still dies.

I would believe that if we knew what they did for your $2,500 it might help us eliminate some problems and suggest others.