Camry dies on freeway

The 1990 6 cyl camry LE died on the Mass Pike. It just slowly died, losing all power. The battery would not take a jump. What are the possible reasons? I believe it’s in the electrical system, but not sure how items could cause the breakdown.

Thank you.

Bad alternator will do this, it stops charging the battery and once battery is dead the car dies. Battery may also be bad.

Your description of the trouble is a little confusing to me. I assume that since you tried to jump start the car you are not able to make the starter motor work, is that correct? If so, clean the battery connections and also make sure power is getting to the main fuse panel under the hood using a test light probe or voltmeter.

I’m with Texases on this one. It sounds like your alternator died and the battery gave out shortly afterward from the excessive current drain on it.

I would start by having the battery and the alternator tested. One or both could be bad, and either would cause a failure such as you describe.