Camry 94 v6 stalling

I have a Camry 94 v6 that stalls periodically. Finally stalled with check engine and would not start back up. Original code indicated ICM. All components have been tested and work according to spec. (Crank sensor, Cam Sensor, ICM/igniter). Car then able to start up and run once again, despite not making any repairs.

Any ideas?

When the engine would not start back up, was there absence of spark at all of the spark plugs? Was there battery power to the igniter and coils? Were you able to pull a code from the ECM while the CEL was ‘on’? When the engine stalls, does it do it at idle or any engine speed? Does it quit like you turned the key ‘off’ or sputter lose power before it actually guits completely? What does the fuel pump pressure read when this problem is occuring?

The more details will help us, you, and your mechanic zero in on the likely problem area.