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Camber adjustment kit question

I have a 2000 F-350, 2 Wheel Drive that I installed a 2 inch leveling kit on.

I took it to be aligned, and of course it needs a camber adjustment kit. But here’s my question…

My wheels camber are 2.2 degrees, and 2.8 degrees.

When I go to order a camber kit… I see some that say “0 through 3 degrees” and some say “-3 through 0 degrees”, others are -1 through 2, etc.

Would I want one that is -3 degrees to bring it down to 0, OR are they saying "This is a kit for a vehicle with camber UP TO 3 degrees… so if it’s 3 degree camber, you’d want a 3 degree kit?

One place told me to not do a camber kit, but drop the I-Beams 2 inches and that would align the front end naturally… but I haven’t seen anything for dropping I beams ONLY 2 inches, I’ve only seen 3 inches and up.


Well, if you’re at 2.2 & 2.8 degrees positive camber, and you want to get to say 1.5 degrees positive camber, you’ll need a negative camber kit that’ll get you there.


I think you need to talk to folks at a web site devoted to your vehicle.

There are so many different “leveling” kits and many different “camber” kits. It’s hard to address your question without knowing both the specifics of your vehicle and the specifics of the kits involved.