Car problems

iv got a 1998 camro 3800 v6 30 anv. its staring to over heat alot. iv changed the thermostat multiple times and changed the fluids… could some one help me

On a GM vehicle of this vintage and engine, the first suspects are the head gaskets or the intake manifold gaskets.


is it exspensive to get fixed?

Yes. It’s expensive to fix. Go and pull the oil dipstick out and look at the condition of the oil. If it looks like a milkshake, the engine is probably done.


i checked the oil the other day its normal… ?? as in its clean iv only ever ran synthetic in it

Well, on a vehicle this old, it may be time for a new radiator.


how much would that cost

A decent brand name radiator for that car will cost about $175 if you buy it from an on-line parts house.

Have you put a light behind your radiator and examined it to make sure the air passages are not blocked with bugs, plant material, or hair from the house cat?

Does it heat up more when you are moving or when you are stopped? Does turning the heater on help? Does the lower radiator hose collapse (or appear to try to collapse) when the car is running?

If the coolant is not changed every couple of years, the impeller blades in the water pump can rust and erode away after a decade and a lot of miles, but I would not expect that to happen on this car.

it starts to heat up when im at an idle or just sittin… in park but i hear the fan kick on but it just doesnt seem like it is