Camaro emmision failure

Just curious, is that the same as the commonly available Prestone I buy for my Corolla and truck in the yellow bottles? If so, that looks more yellow to me than green. So why do folks refer to it as “green”? Or is yellow Prestone different than univeral “green” coolant?

Yellow is the color of the universal/global antifreeze.


The stuff I have in my car is dexcool but it is for pre 1996. But doesn’t matter it getting changed because of mud building up

universal/global antifreeze
well who makes universal/glodal antifreeze??
will prestone low tox green antifreeze work. I am looking at O reilly and don’t see Universal/ global antifreeze please help me out here. Or I can just go to a shop and have them do it.

Get an antifreeze that states for All Makes/All Models.


and All Colors.

Any major brand Long Life coolant with those words will be fine. Also major store brands like Supertech (Walmart), AutoZone etc are OK but do avoid off brands from various “dollar” stores.

Tester yes I’ll get all makes and models. You said yellow is the color of universal and global.

I want to thank everyone for their help. Will let everyone know what happens soon. Thanks again!