California Rebate for high gasoline prices

The governor is proposing $400 per registered car, up to two cars. This seems unfair b/c folks who don’t own cars are still getting hit by high gas prices. Anything needing trucks for delivery costs more, like food, etc. What do you think? Is $400 per car the way to go?

It might work out pretty good for me b/c it will pay me $400 to re-register my Corolla.

The nanny government triumphs again. The state will have to recover $800 dollars in taxes for every person who gets the rebate to cover the costs of administer the program.


I think that is greatly exaggerated. If the fuel cost to ship 50,000 lbs. of apples is increased by $500, that adds 1 cent per pound to the cost of apples. The grocery store will increase the price 50 cents to meet the expectation of the shopper.

What would be the cost per product increase to ship 50,000 lbs. of cell phones?

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Kinda like using your own money to bribe you to stay compliant. The bully takes your lunch money but then gives a little back because you didn’t complain. It’s late.


I thought some cities were banning new gas stations, planning to go all EV for city fleets, etc. Now they are offering a gasoline rebate per gasoline powered car owned.

Meh, I guess I’d take it lol. Seems unfair in several ways. Poor family who could only afford 1 car gets less money. Seems simpler (but less noticeable to the public maybe) to just drop the state gas tax by some amount. Maybe they’ve already done that?

Reminds me of the covid checks. I never stopped working so I didn’t really need it…but I didn’t give it back, either. My parents aren’t working anyway so they didn’t need it either. I imagine they’ll take it back later in taxes.

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Yes, Minneapolis was banning new gas stations along with drive-throughs and of course police. And St. Paul is looking at an income program. Crazy times. As they say “what have we wrought?” I don’t think you can take a gallon of gas for the lawn mower or snow blower on the bus though, so driving outside of the city would become mandatory.

I concur, the govr’s proposal seems to unfairly reward those families who have 2 cars. Those w/ one or none get the short end of the stick. For example, I have two cars (if you’ll allow me to ignore the ongoing Covid-registration issue for the Corolla), but even though I have two cars and would qualify for the entire $800, I don’t drive any more miles than if I had one car. That’s what’s preventing the resolution to this issue, a compromise is still needed between the gov’r and the legislature I presume.

They’ve talked about eliminating the state gas tax , which seems a more fair way to distribute the loot, but the argument against seems to be that it wouldn’t show up as a check in the voter’s mailbox from the politicians, and in an election year, that’s what the politicians see as a way to get votes.

I’m guessing the compromise will be a check to everybody (excepting perhaps those with high incomes) all in the same amount.

How about me, I have 5 cars :slight_smile:
Somehow all our cars are registered under my name as it saves us on insurance.
The $400 is from the tax surplus. So, the rich paid more in taxes and now they should be happy to get some back.
At the meantime, some homeless person would be camping in front of their property. This state is awesome.

lol … yeah there is a bit of a homeless problem here in Calif … Like a tent city state-wide. I was watching Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks ago, he was interviewing tourists out on the street in front of the studio, and he had to apologize to the tourists for the street conditions there. Doesn’t seem like that could be good for California’s tourism stats. Well at least they got my Corolla off the streets.

Might pay to move 3 or your cars into other family members names.

I think you probably nailed it right there. I read an article that somewhere they dropped the gas tax and mandated that stores post a notice reminding the public that the government has suspended the tax. Kinda weird in a force you to toot their horn kind of way :laughing:. I wonder what the penalty is if you don’t post the notice…or who goes around making sure the notice is posted…? I guess whoever the state uses to certify the pumps will get tasked with that.