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Gas tax with upfront rebate

The 50cet/gal gas tax is not enough to give us parity and yet to much in this economy.I propose:

$2000 tax rebate for every 1040 filed UPFRONT then $2/gal tax - based on average family usage of 1000 gal/yr - break even and guaranteed to decrease gas use.

se a Prius or drive less make some $$, drive a Hummer - pay for it. Let us decide and YES we need to see the money upfront. Call it an Average Joe bailout - It will work!!!

We Can Already Decide And Your Plan Is Called Redistribution Of Wealth Or Socialism.

common recent political blather aside, plans that redistribute wealth are a very very far cry from socialism. the only thing i’ve learned about socialism in the us recently is that few people actually have any clear reference for what they’re talking about when they talk about it - just something mushy about government activity. besides that i didn’t see anything that looked like wealth redistribution in the above. what the above looks like is the use of taxes to manipulate economic incentives in particular directions. we do this all the time.

You Are Being Blindsided. Wherever There Are Taxes, There’s Redistribution!

Income redistribution is one of the cornerstones of Socialism.

I don’t go along with the OPs suggestion. Giving us all $2000 up front will cost a lot more than $2000 per tax filer. And what do you do about households with more than two drivers? Are families ignored if the children don’t file a return? If you want to use the tax code to curb driving, be direct. The lowest cost method is the most direct method.