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Mileage tax? Moron politicians at work again

The link below is an artical about Oregon considering a mileage tax instead of a gas tax, because some cars get too many miles per gallon.


They think the present system isn’t working. If it isn’t, its because the tax rate on gas is too low. Traditionally, the gas tax accounted for about a third of the price of a gallon of gas. Since it is always a fixed price per gallon instead of a percentage of the sale price like most sales taxes are, it doesn’t rise with the price of gas.

Right now the tax should be around $.50/gal. but it is only about $.34. Maybe the government should just make it a percentage (50%) and the problem will take care of itself.

One of my favorite stupid ideas. They’re talking about it in Texas, too. Like you said, the logic goes 'gas tax is too low, folks won’t agree to higher gas tax, so let’s put an intrusive big-brother system in place instead!" What a bunch of spineless idiots!

A straight 50% means that as the price goes up, so does the tax…not good.

Would rather see an “inverse” tax structure. As the actual price of gas went up, the % would decrease and as the price went down, % would go up with the intent of keeping actual tax inversely proportional to the price of gas. This would keep the total price (sum of the two) more constant. State tax should be mandated to follow suit with similar plan.

Right now this economy needs stability, not fluctuation especially in transportation of goods.

We could have total target price of say $2 gallon for example, with an annual increase commensurate with the cost of living increase. There would be fluctuation in total price but the amplitude would be blunted somewhat by the system.

Unfortunately, this system, which would make sense in concept to a normal person looking for a “fair” gas tax system would allude a politician.

Why should I sell my H1 if everyone pays the same taxes?

I think the idea is counterproductive. First the government wants us to buy smaller cars to stretch world reserves and reduce pollution. Then they want to mistreat drivers who bought into their plan.

MD hasn’t openly cosnsidered a tax of this nature, but I have seen news reports that the state is considering greatly expanding toll roads. There’s a new “outer beltway” in suburban DC (MD only) that will be toll. There are also considerations for several heavily travelled highways to put in two new lanes each way that are both HOV and toll - single drivers could pay to commute on them. Or sit in the worst traffic in the entire USA.

I like the latter because it allows drivers to choose whether they want to pay for a quick ride, reduce road wear by carpooling, or just put up with the SOS. And it doesn’t penalize those who Did Their Civic Duty by buying small cars to replace those H1s they used to drive.

No doubt suggested by a auto manufacturer or a politician with a Hummer.

Yes, the problem with our economy and the problems with state budgets are definitely that we don’t pay enough in taxes…

All politicians are greedy for more tax revenue. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be running for office.

The people I want in office are the kind of people who would never run.

Many states do need more tax revenue, and it has nothing to do with greed. They have laws that require them to provide a balanced budget every year. California is a good example. The shortfall was $48,000,000,000 until February 19 when a bill was signed that gave 238,000 state workers 2 days off (unpaid, of course) each month, will further reduce their total compensation by $1,400,000,000, and… will increase taxes. Government workers are typically underpaid compared to their private company counterparts because of fringe benefits and job stability. Maybe that’s not true any more, either.

This reminds me of the classic Beatles Song Taxman.