Calif politicos finally agreeing w/George about traffic-stops for minor violations

You may recall I’ve complained here before about being pulled over at night in a dangerous section road , the only reason b/c the light bulb for my Corolla’s license plate had burned out. It appears Calif politico’s may finally be doing something in the way of common-sense about this problem.

"California should ban ‘pretext stops’ by police, state committee says

A state committee says California should prohibit police officers from stopping drivers for reasons unconnected to traffic safety, like violations related to license plates, lighting or vehicle registration, because the stops serve little public purpose and have “disturbing racial disparities.”

“Law enforcement openly admit that many of these are ‘pretext stops’ to investigate serious offenses — yet data show these traffic stops rarely result in the discovery of evidence of crime,” the Committee on Revision of the Penal Code said Monday [in its annual report].

A racist policy to not be racist is racism. I like it just not the racial motivation behind the new policy.

You have a valid point there imo @TheWonderful90s . A state policy lacking common sense is just that, a policy lacking common sense. I don’t see any need to pile on.

Does not even have to be a racist thing. A cop in the town would regularly pull high school kids over and search for pot. I got pulled over once, tail light out (fake claim). Nothing found. Worked at a Pizza place, officer K searched his car in the parking lot, as he was just returning from a delivery, even pulled out the spare tire in the trunk, but missed where the guy kept his pot. It was on the back seat in a cigar box marked dope box. Employees, me and bunch of high school buds were regularly harassed, and searched even while our cars were parked in the lot of the Pizza joint. So the name was Papa Joe’s. Weasked Papa Joe if we (the employees) could do an overnight pizza party and sleep in. He said sure. It was a set up for Officer K. Officer K came by demanding we let him in. We said not unless you have a warrant. Police called the owner who had to come down to the shop even after explaining it was ok, and he let officer K have it. He must have had some pull as we were never bothered again. Oh the 70’s

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