Cai on gt500


has anyone seen the ad for a k&n cai for the gt500 giving off 53hp? (i can post a pic if necessary) i believe it because the origional air box is very restrictive from what ive seen, is it true?


Yes, of course it’s true, and all other ads offering you such miracles are true, as well. I get ads offering to make me (or at least part of me) 2 to 3 inches longer every day. I’m sure they are all true.

53 hp? Sure, why not?

If you get 53 hp, you will burn correspondingly more gasoline. Nothing is free.


It’s as bogus as the idea that their filters add 5 - 10 hp.


i believe it completely that if you throw a k&n cai on and tune it it is true. others dont, i even showed them a dyno and they still dont believe it.


Well is that your Mustang that was dyno’d in your controlled environment, or is it K&N’s?


k&n’s :frowning:


Surprised? Not me.

I might add that unless that filter is very carefully oiled on a regular bases, it will not properly filter and may damage the MAF on those cars having one.


You can get a good boost in HP at WOT only if the original intake plumbing is very restrictive. I’m a bit skeptical that Ford would have muzzled its premium performance vehicle that much.


Define “tune it”. If you replace your filter with a K&N and you reprogram the computer, yes, you can get an extra 10% or so horsepower at the expense of gas mileage.

I also believe that if you do NOT get a K&N filter and reprogram your computer you can get an extra 10% or so horsepower at the expense of gas mileage.

The belief that you can get added horsepower on a modern car by just changing the filter I don’t believe.


hes right,


I am skeptical for the same reason as NYBo. There are a lot of special parts on a GT500. Would Ford scrimp on the air filter for a car that they have carefully chosen a supercharger? They probably have some pretty special exhaust headers on it too.

Guys, get real. Anyone that drives one of these doesn’t give a rat’s butt about the fuel mileage and Ford has got it tuned for max power already anyway.


exactly right, if you drive a gt500 you are already making payments on gas. and thats the only reason im so skeptical too. why would they put such a crappy intake on their best (almost) car?


NYBo, Beads, you guys make an excellent point. On that machine Ford probably did not make any compromises for gas mileage But perhaps they did for reliability. It might yet be possible to scrape a few more ponies out of it by tweaking the programming for those willing to break parts, like racers. It’s a safe bet that the GT500s on the track have done at least this.