1995 b2300 Mileage and horsepower increase

I recently acquired a 1995 b2300 5 spd 2wd with 130k on it. I want to increase gas mileage and horsepower inexpensively. I was thinking about high end spark plugs, a new fuel filter, and a K&N air filter. Will that at least increase mileage? Any other suggestions?

None of the things you listed will increase horsepower or fuel mileage. You’d be further ahead by taking the money you would have spent for these items and put them toward maintaning what you have properly.


You may go ahead, if you wish, and install your fancy spark plugs, new fuel filter, and K&N air filter. It’s fun to do. These items are harmless. But you will not see a measurable difference in either your mpg or horsepower.

There may be other stuff out there, such as performance chips, that can modify your vehcle’s driving characteristics. In general, anything that boosts power decreases mpg and vice versa.

Umm not sure how that would not be “properly maintaining”…
Maybe my real question is, does the K&N filter make a difference?
Do premium platinum sparks?
Basically, if you are going to do a tune-up do you use high end, or stick with Fram, and OEM stuff.
I know about a difference in motorcycles, but the changes are more noticeable with a smaller engine and weight. Get my drift?

Don’t want to go faster or anything, but burning fuel more efficiently should create higher HP if needed right? If you are getting better combustion, then your engine is performing at a higher rate of power. Yes… no… has motorcycle mainanence ruined me where slight changes, make big differences?

Putting in a K&N filter is not a proper way to maintain a vehicle. These filters are junk when it comes to filtering out fine particulate matter. And have been blamed for causing contamination or damage to mass airflow sensors. My daughters Honda had one of these K&N filters in it when she bought it used. The Check Engine light came on and the code indicated a lean condition. The problem was caused from the K&N filter allowing fine dust particles to coat the mass airflow sensor. Cleaned the mass airflow sensor, put in an OEM type filter, and threw the K&N into the garbage. The light hasn’t come on since. And by the way, how much does that recharge kit for the K&N filter cost?

If you mean platnum plugs as high end, these don’t offer any benifit in igniting the fuel. These just last longer than regular plugs. And is why they’re installed on engines that have hard access to the spark plugs.

You know, the auto manufacturers spend a great deal of time and money trying to find ways to improve the performance of their vehicles. And if any of this stuff worked, don’t you think it would be on their vehicles when they came off the assembly line?


Questions like this have been discussed extensively on this board. You’re not going to find many or anyone who will disagree with the comments that Tester and SteveF have already provided.


Any decent spark plug designed for the engine will provide the correct ignition of the air-fuel mixture. Fancy plugs won’t improve this. But, it might be a good idea to replace the existing plugs due to the age and mileage on the truck (they do eventually wear out).

You only need to replace the fuel filter as a normal maintenance item. Given the age/muileage of this vehicle, it’s probably a good idea.

The best thing you can do is make sure the existing air filter is clean (replace it if it isn’t). The K&N filter is a high-flow filter that provides less restriction at high rpm/wide open throttle conditions. You won’t see much, if any, difference under normal driving conditions (but the engine will probably sound more powerful to you).

Keep the tires inflated properly, get tires with highway tread instead of agressive tread design, keep the engine tuned up. There isn’t really much more you can do at a reasonable cost.

Fancy spark plugs will do nothing more than OEM. If a spark plug makes any difference, it means the old plugs were bad or you have some real engine problems.

K&N filters can improve breathing a little. Most cars today breath very well with their stock filters. You might gain a little there. BUT those oiled filters can cause damage to a MAF if that car has one and that is going to cost you far more than any savings you will get from the filter.

Now I am going to guess (you were asking about more horsepower) that you drive a little aggressive. Am I right?

Anyone who drives aggressive can make a serious improvement in their mileage by changing there driving habits. It’s up to you.